Tumble Leaf Season 3

Tumble Leaf is a stop motion animated TV project for toddlers. The show is mostly created for preschoolers. The action of it takes place on a fictional land. The main character that appears in every new episode is named Fig – he’s a blue fox open for new discoveries, adventures and friendships. What is most important, he’s in constant search of love in every tiny corner of place he visits. He shares his love with the other characters on the land.
The stop motion animation is wonderfully performed and the kids are certainly enjoying the setting and the way the characters look and behave. The narratives promote useful games, the pleasure of learning and revealing the beauties of the surrounding world.
Tumble Leaf Season 3 Cast

Development, Cast, Plot & More

Tumble Leaf received numerous awards and nominations. One of them is an Emmy for the series released in 2014. The creators of the project were inspired by a mini film Miro. The animator of the project is Drew Hodges (he has already participated in the creation of Saturday Night Live and Community). Hodges works together with Bix Pix Entertainment – a famous stop-motion studio.
Tumble Leaf’s protagonist is a blue fox Fig. His friend is Stick, the caterpillar. Both of the characters are voiced by Christopher Downs. The island of Tumble Leaf is filled with a huge amount of other residents that kids can observe in every new episode. The creators of the show help preschoolers study basic knowledge of science through simple game lessons. Every new episode lasts for eleven minutes revealing the mechanics of different everyday life items.

Viewers’ Attitude

Tumble Leaf Season 3 Spoiler
The parents agree that their kids are fond of the show. The show makes you laugh from the very beginning of every episode. Tumble Leaf is actually comfortable to watch for adults. The show in general is cute and educational at a time. The show reflects on the way everyday items look and work. There’s a number of tiny life details pointed out for the kids. No all of the adults pay attention to them. Everything a kid sees is a new lesson and Tumble Leaf is perfect in teaching these things. The scriptwriters have an ability to see through the eyes of little ones.
The kids and their caring parents are definitely waiting for the third season release date and new educational episodes!

Third Season Air Date

On the 23rd of February 2015 he series was prolonged for season two. The second season premiere episode was released on the 10th of December 2015. On the 21st of December 2015 the show was prolonged for season three, but the release date remains unknown. If you’re interested when Tumble Leaf Season 3 will be released, don’t forget to always check for official updates both on our resource and on the official webpage of the show.


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