Thunderbirds Are Go! Season 2

The beloved yet very young cartoon under the title “Thunderbirds Are Go!” is going to please us for the second time later in this year. The exact launch date is unknown. So check back with us in order not to miss any piece of info and be notified in a right time.

Brief review

Serving as a new cartoon by British production, Thunderbirds Are Go! is a CGI TV series which broadcast is held on two channels – on the ITV (new episodes) and the CITV (repeats) networks.
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Created for children, surely it is packed with much action and adventure in it. The production is specifically behind ITV Studios and Pukeko Pictures. Thus, it is a joint venture with the team from Weta Workshop joining the creation group with special effects being applied by them.
This series is reckoned to be a modern variant of the beloved Thunderbirds series developed by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson yet fifty years ago. So reincarnation was accomplished.
The new voices are provided by such actors and actresses as Angel Coulby, Thomas Sangster, David Menkin, Rosamund Pike, Kayvan Novak, Rasmus Hardiker, and David Graham.
The premiere of the series under discussion was held in the preceding April with the pioneer season comprising 26 parts which duration constituted half an hour.
Also for all fans of this animation as well as for tablets and smartphones addicts, an official Thunderbirds app was launched in October 2015.
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Plot summary and voicing cast

The admirers of the 60s original animated series launched in the previous century can walk upon the air as the principal characters are returning to us reincarnated by means of the new graphical methods. They are named specifically Brains, Grandma Tracy, The Hood and Tintin (renamed Kayo), Lady Penelope and Parker,  as well as a new female character named Colonel Casey, and including also the five Tracy brothers (Scott, John, Virgil, Gordon, and Alan). Their adventures are renewed but the key idea remains the same. They are all good friends who support each other no matter what challenges their adventures are proposing to them.

Catching up with the latest news

Thunderbirds Are Go! Season 2 Cast
Monitoring the latest updates, the animated series is resumed for the second chapter. But the case was that it was resumed as far back as at the close of 2014. The developers made us sure, that the next circle of episodes would take place come rain or shine but in two or even three years. So the premiere was preliminarily slated for 2016 or 2017 year.
With this year coming, the situation was clarified somehow. So as for now, the second chapter is scheduled to appear later this year as well as already the third and the fourth circles.
So things are going a promising way and we can calm down for some time before the official announcement of the Thunderbirds Are Go! season 2 release date. We recommend to you now to be attentive enough in order not to miss any piece of important data concerning this animated show for you and your children.


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