The Venture Bros. Season 7

This animated TV project was realized by Cartoon Network together with Jackson Publick. That’s a mixed genre animated project with elements of Drama, comedy and black comedy, Fiction and Action. The first episode was released on the 16th of 2003. It’s described as an action-adventure series devoted to life chronicles of the Venture Family.

The Characters

The characters of the series are based on the original characters of Jonny Quest – a comic book about superheroes and villains. Among the other characters are famous people popular culture.
The Venture Bros. Season 7 Poster
Hank and Dean Venture are the twin brothers. Hank is brave and adventurous, but Dean is shy and timid finding great pleasure in reading books. They are teenagers often got stuck in perilous and troublesome circumstances. They’ve been murdered for many times, but later replaced with their clones. The clones didn’t remember anything about their deaths. Dean and Hank’s mom is a very enigmatic character with vague identity.
Dr. Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture. He left the college right after his dad’s death. He tries to become a super-scientist by himself, though his ethics is questionable. The majority of the characters in the series is sure that his success is occasional.
Brock Samson is the bodyguard of the Venture family. He’s a huge and muscular able to kill others in order to protect the Venture family. He can face brutal violence with no fear. He is a bit sadistic fond of using combat knife, but not firearms.

In the series he’s nicknamed a Swedish murder machine. In season 4, he is changed for Sergeant Hatred a supervillain in the past. Hatred a cured pedophile controlling himself with an experimental medicine invented by OSI. In the sixth season, Samson gets back for his bodyguard position.
Dr. Jonas Venture – a super-scientist. His projects and his personality are a great inspiration for those who surround him. He managed to create a team of friends and associates to fight crimes. He was also the one who invented H.E.L.P.eR. – a robot that accompanies the Venture family. Dr. Jonas can be a sensible man and a caring father, but he’s sometimes callous and irritable in certain situations, especially with his son Rusty.
One of the main supervillains in the series is the Monarch. He’s Dr. Venture’s main antagonist (however the reason for it is unknown).
The Venture Bros. Season 7 Cast
Baron Werner ?nterbheit – Responsible for the very first attempt to murder the Venture family.

Release Date Info

That’s one of the long lasting series on TV and there’s no official info on the cancellation of the project. Stay tuned not to miss the news about the premiere episodes of the 7th season.


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