The New Adventures of Peter Pan Season 2

The New Adventures of Peter Pan serves as the freshest variant of the old and beloved story packed up in the animated series. The adventure an comedy if defining the genres, this cartoon appeared on the Discovery Family channel this summer for the first time. Exactly, the freshman season release date is June 5, 2016. Will we follow the second season premiere in the future? This question remains open, as for today.
What concerns the production issues, they are resolved by director Augusto Zanovelo and Tapaas Chakravarti who works on the project as a lead executive. DQ Entertainment is the studio behind the fabricating. The voice cast includes such main performers as Matt Hill and Michelle Creber.
The New Adventures of Peter Pan Season 2 Cast

New Approach to a Classic Story

Yet the title of the story implies that the project should be created in a new way though the basis of the story from J.M. Barrie’s book should remain the same, nevertheless. The agenda is how far the developers of this animation series has shifted the plot.
Well, Peter Pan and all his friends are again at the center of narration. They are Michael, Wendy, John, and some others. Together they should protect Neverland from villain Captain Hook as usual. What makes this series different from the original story? It is the modern way in which everything is depicted.
The heroes live in the current century with all those conveniences of the civilized world. They have all gadgets that help them in accomplishing their mission. Additionally, Peter Pan is voiced by an actor who is much older than the traditional image of the hero that the majority of us have kept in mind since our childhood.
The New Adventures of Peter Pan Season 2 Spoiler

Poor Rating Level and Potential of Renewal

Has the new approach backfired on the success of the series? Unfortunately, it has led to sad consequences. The rating figures show this as nothing else with a 4.7 score on IMDb and only 60 thousand watchers per each new episode.
The unfolding like this can lead to not-so-happy thoughts appearing in our minds regarding the animated series future. Being a poor story in general despite the groundbreaking classic basis, it sends some positive ideas to the audience. That is the only one reason for which the story can be renewed for the sophomore installment.
When can The New Adventures of Peter Pan season 2 release date appear? If the verdict is favor of the cartoon, only next year the next season air date is supposed to become known. Keep your ears out for any kind of info!


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