The Loud House Season 2

The Loud House is an animated TV series produced in the USA. The author of the original idea Chris Savino, who created it for Nickelodeon Channel. The show follows Lincoln Loud’s chaotic life. He’s a boy surviving with ten of his siblings. The premiere episode was released on the 2nd of May 2016.
The Loud House is based on a short film also created by Savino. It was created in 2013 as a pitch to on of the programs on the network. The film was given a green light ad ordered for the continuation. Initially, the series bases on Savino’s childhood years that he spent in a huge family. The style of the animation that he used in his project is mostly inspired by his favorite comic strips from the newspapers.
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Plot in Brief

The action takes place in Royal Woods, Michigan. The place is fictional. The protagonist is Lincoln Loud. He’s eleven and he’s the eleventh kid in the family. He has to deal with most ridiculous and unpredictable situations arousing in his huge and chaotic family. For info on the characters, pass on further.


  • Lincoln Loud (Grant Palmer and Collin Dean do the voicing). He’s an 11-year-old kid. His family is large, but what makes him unique is his hair color – he’s the only one who has white hair. He’s mad about comic books wearing only underwear. In every episode Lincoln breaks the fourth wall and speaks with the viewers sharing his impressions of his chaotic life in the Loud family.
  • Lori Loud (Catherine Taber does the voicing). She’s a 17-year-old girl, the eldest among the kids. She’s sarcastic, stubborn and bossy, wiling to get everything the way she wants it to. She’s also cynical. Although, deep down she’s loving and caring when it comes to her family needs. She often chats with her boyfriend on the phone.
  • Leni Loud (Liliana Mumy voices her). She’s a 16-year-old girl. She’s a typical dumb blonde, however she’s talented in everything connected with fashion and design. She’s good at carving wood. She’s also afraid of spiders.
  • Luna Loud (Nika Futterman does the voice). She’s 15. Her language is a mix of English and Swedish. She’s crazy about music and musical instruments. Her favorite is the electric guitar. A huge fan of Mick Swagger.
  • Luan Loud (Cristina Pucelli voices her). She’s a 14-year-old girl. Has a ventriloquist doll and is often met carrying a video camera with her.
  • Lynn Loud Jr. (Jessica DiCicco does the voicing). She’s 13. Always tries to compete with her siblings.
  • Lucy Loud (Jessica DiCicco does the voicing). She’s an 8-year-old emo girl. She’s gloomy and moody. Obsessed with gothic and demonic things. Interested in poetry. Her skin is pale and her dark long hair always cover her eyes.
  • Lana Loud (Grey DeLisle-Griffin does the voice). A 6 year old Lola’s twin sister (she’s two minutes older). A messy tomboy and a perfect handy worker. Likes to annoy her sister.
  • Lola Loud (Grey DeLisle-Griffin voices her too). Lana’s twin sister. She’s extremely girly willing to do everything her own way. Often acts as the antagonist in the series. Lola is a star of local beauty pageants.
  • Lisa Loud (Lara Jill Miller does the voice). A 4-year-old prodigy girl that has already graduated from college. Uses her siblings as test subjects in her experiments.
  • Lily Loud (Grey DeLisle-Griffin voices her). She’s only 15 months old. She’s in good family connection with Lincoln. Constantly loses her diaper and almost never talks.
  • Clyde McBride (Caleel Harris does the voice). Lincoln’s best friend.

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Release Date

The first season started in May this year and managed to get impressive ratings. However, there’s no news about the renewal of the series.


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