The Adventures of Puss in Boots Season 4

That’s a web TV series created with the help of computer animation. The star character here is Puss in Boots – the one from DreamWorks’ Shrek animated movies. The first episode of the first season was released on the 16th of January 2015 by Netflix. There are 3 seasons in the project with 39 episodes in total.


The series’ protagonist is Puss in Boots. He has to stand an enormous legion of invaders. He’s doing his best to protect San Lorenzo. His actions resulted in breaking the spell protecting a mystic treasure. Now he must find a way to get the protection back.
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User Reviews

The reviews are quite mixed, here’s what the viewers mentioned most of all:

  • In comparison to Shrek, Puss in Boots is targeted for a younger audience, mostly for little kids. It teaches basic things like “friendship is vital”.
  • Shallow plot, however the dialogues and the jokes are quite funny and witty.
  • The characters themselves are quite enjoyable.
  • Lame, unrealistic animation in comparison with other DreamWorks’ projects.
  • Worth trying if you’re a fan.
  • Music is great.

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  • Puss in Boots – The main character. Unfortunately, Antonio Banderas is not going to get back to voice Puss.
  • Dulcinea – A love interest of the main character. She’s cute, sweet and na?ve. She’s shy, innocent and reserved.
  • Artephius – He’s an old mad scientist crazy about alchemy.
  • Se?ora Zapata – She administrates the local orphanage. She constantly feels suspicious and unsure about puss activities.
  • Mayor Temoroso – A big guy trying to pretend a low one hiding his body inside barrels.
  • Pajuna – A cow from Highland. She owns the cantina in town.
  • Vina – One of the orphans that sometimes participate in life of Puss.
  • Toby – Another orphan. A pig that is extremely fond of Puss.
  • Kid Pickles – An 11-year-old mad about pickles.
  • Esme – An adorable 5-year-old girl.
  • Cleevil – A teen goblin.
  • Sphinx – A hairless cat acting like a hipster. She’s busy protecting City Of San Lorenzo.

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Release Dates Info

The second season started on the 11th of December 2015. The third season was released on the 15th of July 2016. It’s too early to make predictions about the renewal of The Adventures of Puss in Boots, but the series enjoys good ratings and has a large number of fans all over the world. The show is very likely to get back, let’s wait for the official confirmation together!


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