A new kind animation film for all the family members is going to hit the theaters this September. What is the cartoon going to be about? Let’s make a clear answer to this question.

Quick outline

Storks Poster
The immediate creators of the story are reckoned to be Nickolas Stoller (the cartoon is considered to be his first feature film, so let’s congratulate him with the upcoming debut) and surely Doug Sweetland (for him it’s not the first animated project). Thus, their collaboration should turn to be brilliant.
The writing matters are accomplished by again Nickolas Stoller.
The executive producers of “The LEGO Movie” are going to reprise their roles in “Storks” together with John Requa and also Jared Stern.
The voice cast includes an amazing and imposing comedian named Andy Samberg and also such stars as Keegan-Michael Key and Kelsey Grammer. These are the voicing performers of the main roles.
There has been no considerable fuss around this cartoon yet. Maybe the production studio of the animation titled Warner Bros. think that it’s not the appropriate time so far.
However, if to believe the first teaser, the animated movie is expected to be really great.
It will be a pleasure to watch more additional quick info about Storks in the following trailers; however it seems that it is going to be the only one for the whole family to enjoy.
Surely, it is up to you to decide whether you can let your children believe in the Stork that is busy with delivering babies and is truly responsible for their arrival in this world.


Storks Promo
Storks used to transmit kinds. Now they have moved on from delivering babies to packages for global internet company titled
Junior, the most experienced stork in the company, is about to make the next important step in his career when he activates by accident the Baby Making Machine, creating a lovely and completely unsanctioned small girl.  The most skilled stork must fix the unexpected mistake by means bringing the baby to the family.
Being in a hopeless situation that needs from him nothing but delivering this tie of a beautiful trouble inside it before the chief gets to know about the happened accident. Junior and his god fellow named Tulip who is considered to be the only one human creature on Stork Mountain, set off on an adventurous trip to accomplish their baby drop for the first time in their lives. The adventure promises to be dangerous and exciting.  But it is not a purposeless trip: it is to bring back the storks’ company its true mission in the world.

When can we expect the official release in the theaters?

According to the official data, the film is going to be launched in the beginning of this fall. If to be more concrete, the Storks release date is appointed for September 23, 2016. There is nothing to do now but wait till the film appears on screens and to enjoy the launched trailers and teaser posters.
Stay tuned in order not to miss any kind of important information pieces concerning this film.


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