Star Wars: Rebels Season 3

The Star rebellion in the animated version of the Star Wars franchise packed up in the series is going to return to our screens sometime later this year shaped in the third season.

About the cartoon in general

3D animation is not a rare case in the modern cinematography. To such ones, Star Wars: Rebels turns to be referred. The series could not be delivered by a proper broadcasting on a channel that is created for such special animated projects. This time, we are dealing with Disney XD that provides American watchers with this cartoon.

Surely, the space adventure is filling the science-fiction plot of the action story full of battles and confrontations. But being unintended to penetrate into the particulars as this story is familiar to the majority of us, we would rather name people whom we should thank for this compelling project. So this is the studio Lucasfilm Animation and its experienced staff surely endowed with animation talents. Many of employees have been working on Star Wars: The Clone Wars. So they are obviously in the picture.
Scriptwriting, as well as producing issues, are taken by the leader of the behind-the-scene crew named Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class, Sherlock Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. Smith). In the executive agendas, he comes to be assisted by Dave Filoni, and Greg Weisman with the latter one knowing his onions when it comes to animated projects. So with such a diverse team, only a hit could appear in the result. The premiere was held by the way in 2014 in autumn. The second circle appeared also in fall in 2015.

Appraisal from critics and ordinary viewers

Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Promo
Following the description of the project, we should not skip the fact that Star Wars Rebels is serving as a so-called bridge that sticks the storylines of the Episode III and Episode IV movies together.
Being delivered to practically every corner of the earth, the series has garnered only favorable opinions no matter whether it is South Africa or Australia.
Surely, any project has its faults and disadvantages. Here it is about changes to the appearances or designs of things.
But these are only little nothings of life. They have not prevailed the series from getting nominations for 42nd Annie Awards in the category “Outstanding Achievement” and for 5th Critics’ Choice Television Awards in the category “Best Animated Series”.
Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 Cast

Catching up with the news

The renewal of the series was something that could be just taken for granted. The announcement was made when the second season did not bow out particularly in the previous December. But since then, no details have been exposed much to our regret including those connected with the Star Wars: Rebels season 3 release date.
So let’s keep waiting for new challenges as well as incredible adventures that are supposed to appear this autumn if to follow the established tradition of the launch timeframe.


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