Star vs. The Forces of Evil Season 2

The long-awaited animated project of Disney XD channel will soon return on the world’s television screens. Recently it became known that the creators of the hit show Star vs. The Forces of Evil have officially announced about its renewal. This information has become a real gift for the fans of the show, because its audience – it’s not only children, but also a huge number of adults. Unfortunately, Star vs. The Forces of Evil season 3 release date is still unknown. The public believes that the renewed series is coming back at the beginning of the next year. When a new episode of season two has aired, the project is sure to gain even more popularity.

Cartoon Developers

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Cast
This animated show in the genre of comedy and adventures was first presented on January 18, 2015 and included 13 episodes. The second season air date was set for July 11, 2016. That part consisted of 22 episodes, which is rather more. The running time of each of them is about 22 minutes.
The idea of Star vs. The Forces of Evil belongs to Daron Nercy; the project is developed and produced by the following personalities:

  • Dave Wasson;
  • Jordana Arkin;
  • Dominic Bisignano.

It is known that the company responsible for the next season release date is a world famous Disney Television Animation; the channel broadcasting the program is the beloved by many Disney XD.

Plot Peculiarities

Star vs. The Forces of Evil Spoiler
The cast of the series are vivid people whose voices are borrowed for the show characters. The main heroine Star Butterfly is voiced by an American and comedian Eden Sher. This young girl from girl from a fairy world has got an amazing gift for her birthday – a magical wand. After her coming on the Earth she’d get acquainted with Marco Daz (voiced by an actor from the US Adam McArthur) who afterwards became her best friend. They both have to resist terrible Ludo (Alan Tudyk) whose aim is to conquer the Universe with the help of an extraordinary Star’s wand.
The new season is sure to continue telling about Star and Marco’s adventures and describing their serious but at the same time cute deeds.

Show Rating

The second season premiere was watched by an audience of about 0.65 million people. The viewers highly appreciate the series idea; it is proved by the rating of Star vs. The Forces of Evil. On a famous website IMDB its score is of 7.9/10, which is quite much for an animated program. The public hopes that season three will not be the last one. Stay tuned to get the schedule of upcoming episodes and to find out when new part of the project will come back. As soon as the finale conclusion has been come to the creators are likely to announce about it to the audience.


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