South Park Season 21

It is already a classic animated comedy for adults serving as a satire, mocking at the modern people’s sins. The broadcast has been held since 1997 when the first season premiere hit the small screen. Preceding this debut, the developers created two animated shorts in 1992 and 1995. The latest season release date is considered September 14, 2016. As usual, we are set to enjoy ten episodes on the Central Comedy channel.
South Park Season 21 Poster
The creation of the animation is possible thanks to:

  • Trey Parker,
  • Brian Graden,
  • Matt Stone.

The studios behind the production are South Park Digital Studios, LLC. and Comedy Partners. The start of these two companies’ collaboration is dated back to 2008.

Following the Storyline

We doubt the fact that someone is unaware of the plot yet we will are destined to present some pivotal things. The story cast includes four guys named Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny. South Park is their immediate place of living situated in Colorado.
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The series follows their daily life where events are usual sometimes yet often extraordinary and mind-blowing. All stereotypes in your head are supposed to be turned upside down when following this animated project for adults.
Much often, the boys living among grown-up persons are the implementation of reason. They are always frustrated by the adults’ hypocrisy and contradictory conduct. Thus, the series conveys the modern situation where children are the most honest ones among people.

What are Rating Numbers?

Being an excellent reflection of the modern life in the USA, and even in the whole world, South Park stays a hit still due to poignant questions revealed there. The high ratings have been peculiar for the project since the very start of its broadcast. The ranking can be compared with the one possessed by the analog entitled as Simpsons. As of the latest season, the series viewership constitutes 2.1 million watchers per episode. Moreover, a vast variety of awards and nominations are under the belt of the animation.

Surely, the ratings have suffered a decline yet it is still worth its continuation. Understanding this, the developers renewed the serial for several installments at once.

Supposed to be Created Until 2019

The satire seems to be dear to the audience taste concluding from the decent level of ranking. Thus, the developers announced that the production would be continued until 2019 at least. Consequently, the twenty-third season air date will be exposed in a couple of years. So far, we have not info regarding the South Park season 21 release date. Yet we should not wait for it so far since the first new episode of the season twenty-one has been released recently.


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