South Park Season 20

The most anticipated and popular animation TV show is to be surely launched for season 20. At least, there is no essence to close the project. However, the developers do not rush to announce about the new season launch.

Short review

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South Park can be considered now a legendary brand with its own history because the premiere of this animated show was set far back in 1997. It is the longest cartoon series after the Simpsons.
During this period of time, the series have been nominated for a considerably great amount of various awards. What is it so ubiquitously acclaimed? The answer to the question lies on the surface. It is a comedy by the genre, a comedy full of exciting absurdity and cutting satire. The series holds itself out as the cartoon show for adults. It appears on screens only at night on the Comedy Central channel.
South Park gives a great opportunity to the viewers to laugh at the obvious defects of the American culture and the events that take place in the whole world.

Storyline and characters

South Park Season 20 Cast
The plot is expanded upon four grade-schoolers, the audacious and merciless gnomes: Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman. They are the common residents of a small American town called South Park situated in the Colorado state.
Apart from the central characters, South Park is inhabited by many people including students, families and so on and so forth. All of them, however, consider South Park the quietest city that is appropriate for peaceful life.

  • Stan Marsh voiced by the way by the co-creator of the project Trey Parker is the most considerate, kind, and clear-headed guy who possesses philosophical tincture of mind. Very often he reckons up in the final of the story showing its rub.
  • Kyle Broflovski is a sensitive skeptic, sometimes very puffed but can fall under somebody’s influence. He always tries to learn the lesson of the story. Kyle is of Jewish descent. He often evaluates the behavior of adults in a right way and attempts to rectify his errors.
  • Kenneth "Kenny" McCormick comes with deprived backgrounds. The speech of the character is hardly distinguished; however, his phrases always are full of meaning. He wears a hood that he puts off only in several episodes. During the first five seasons, Kenny plays the role of a victim. In every episode, he is always killed. His constant resurrections are explainable. The thing is that each episode his parents give birth to a new child who looks like Kenny. This secret was unveiled only in season 6. At the end of the season 5, Kenny dies truly and his friends have to seek the character that will replace him.
  • Eric Cartman is the prototype of Archie Bunker, a famous personage of the popular comedy series under the title “All in the Family”. Eric is considered to be the instigator of conflicts. It is him who sets the range of problems in the beginning of the episode story.

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When to expect season 20?

South Park season 20 release date is still unknown. Thus, we should stay tuned in order not to miss the premiere.

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