Shaun the Sheep Season 6

Few animated series can boast with high ratings and long terms of broadcasting. The audience around the world knows The Simpsons, Gravity Falls, etc. In addition, the cinematograph is littered with the stories of Disney production, but this is not the only animation studio, capable of attracting audiences. So, for the past 5 seasons on the CBBC channel has been broadcasted a famous British cartoon in the genre of clay animation Shaun the Sheep. This world famous series is adored and beloved by both adults and children, and most of the viewers after the end of latest season are puzzled with a single question: is Shaun the Sheep coming back for Series 6? Release Date is supposed to be announced in the nearest future, and all the audience believes that the renewed program will be not worse than before. The exact information about the second season air date is likely to be presented when the authors implement all their ideas in the show.

Cast and Authors

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Shaun the Sheep is rather a successful spin-off of a well-known show Wallace and Gromit by Nick Park. The creator of the project is Richard Starzak, an animator from England. The director of the series is Christopher Sadler, a British cartoon maker. They have already presented 150 episodes, and the running time of each episode is about 7 minutes. The first season release date took place on March 5, 2007. The date of the next season premiere is still unknown.
The crew of executive producers includes the next personalities:

  • Miles Bullough;
  • Michael Carrington;
  • Peter Lord;
  • David Sproxton;
  • Nick Park.

The voices of the main characters belong to Justin Fletcher and John Sparks.
The companies producing the program are Aardman Animations and Westdeutscher Rundfunk. The channel broadcasting Shaun the Sheep is CBBC.

Plot Review

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Each short episode tells about unusual adventures of a cute and lively sheep called Shaun. Its habitat like his friends’ is a picturesque farm in the British countryside. The show is full of humorous sketches of animal life, their relation to the world around them, and relationships with one another. Positive atmosphere of the series appeals to people of all ages; this is what explains the increasing popularity of the project around the world.

Series Ratings

The animated series Shaun the Sheep has received positive reviews from audience and critics, and in spite of its unique style gained a success with very diverse public. On a famous and respected site IMDB it has a 8.3/10 score, which is quite good for a cartoon. The style of shooting and the features of the characters have become a real phenomenon on television and were borrowed from one more famous Park’s project Wallace and Gromit.
All the fans of the program believe that the return of the series will not disappoint them and hope that each new episode of season two will be full of the same humor and unforgettable and vivid atmosphere.


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