Regal Academy Season 2

Regal Academy is a new animated series by Rainbow S.p.A. and Rai Fiction. The broadcast of the cartoon is organized on the Nickelodeon online channel. The series has been created and launched thanks to the entire cast of animators named:

  • Katja Centomo,
  • Francesco Artibani,
  • Alessandro Barbucci,
  • Barbara Canepa.

Regal Academy Season 2 Poster
The mixture of adventure, fantasy, and comedy, the cartoon comes to be also executive produced by Annita Romanelli and Joanne Lee. The voice cast includes such performers as Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Laurie Hymes, Brittney Lee Hamilton, Rebecca Soler, and many others.
The freshman season release date is on Rai in May 2016, and on Nickelodeon on August 13, 2016. Twenty-six episodes are available for the small audience already.

Plot Summary

The main heroine of the cartoon is Rose, a teenage girl, who finds herself in Fairy Tale Land. There the fairytales are the reality.
Entering Regal Academy, she starts learning all that concerns magic, meeting new friends and embarking on exciting adventures together with them. The students of the academy are the beloved heroes of other cartoons. Among them, there are Astoria Rapunzel, Hawk Snow White, Ruby Stepsister, Vicky, Travis Beast, Joy LeFrog, and Ruby Broomstick. Cinderella turns to be the headmaster.

As for the Current Info

Regal Academy Season 2 Cast
According to the reviews, the animation is a bit stereotypical yet funny and engrossing. The viewership constituted about 1 million watchers per each new episode. Moreover, this kind story premiered with the audience being lower – only 0.8 million people. The increase in ratings during the first season debut is indicative of the early resumption. Apart from this, the series has garnered a decently above-average score on IMDb that constitutes 7.2 points out of 10, as of today.
How have your children received the story? What are their impressions? Have you followed the story with them or not? Share your opinions with us regarding this how in the comments below! We would be much pleased to receive your feedback!

What is Known of the Future of the Animated Series?

When will the new season air date be revealed? Can we expect another season premiere next year? Surely, we can and much probably, the release will take place in the future due to decently high ratings. Stay tuned for news about the resumption for the sophomore cycle and you won’t miss anything!


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