Rabbids Invasion Season 3

The genre of cartoon is the format that has always been successful. On television recently more and more animated films have been released, and most of them fall to the liking of both children and their parents. But among a large variety of cartoons a special place occupies the French-American project titled Rabbids Invasion, which for the past two seasons has been broadcast on Nickelodeon channel. That success, which has been gained by a show, one can deservedly call a colossal one, because this seemingly controversial project has already been popular since 2013. After the end of the second season the majority of the public was puzzled with the question of continuing the program, but now fans can sigh with a relief: Rabbids Invasion season 3 is renewed — release date to be announced officially. The next season air date is already known, and the audience believes that the return of their favorite series will contain the same specific but beloved humor.

Production Companies and Creators

Rabbids Invasion Season 3 Poster
The first season release date took place on August 3, 2013. The running time of each episode is about 24 minutes.
Among the directors of the cartoon are:

  • Fabien Ouvrard;
  • Akama;
  • Franz Kirchner;
  • St?phane Mit.

This animated series is developed by Ubisoft Motion Pictures and is based on a well-known video game. The companies cooperating with Ubisoft are Nickelodeon Productions and France T?l?visions. The main executive producers are Didier Lupfer and Jean-Julien Baronnet.

Cast and Plot Review

Rabbids Invasion Season 3 Spoilers
The cast of Rabbids Invasion is rather unusual but very cute. The main characters of the cartoon are strange creatures out of space studying the world around them. Despite almost full absence of the plot the show is interesting to children and some adults who find these creatures nice and charming. The rabbids are always doing silly and even annoying things when studying the planet but their unique style of non-verbal communication can not leave any spectator indifferent. It’s hard to call the show an educational; it is rather an entertaining and funny one.

Viewers’ Feedbacks and Soon Release

The audience accepted the series ambiguously: some viewers have difficulty in understanding the idea of the authors of the program and consider the project unworthy and foolish. But most of the public still values Rabbids Invasion for its spontaneity and simplicity.
In addition, the fans of the project have new information for discussion: the creators have officially announced about the renewal of the program for season three. It is expected that the new episode will be presented on June 16, 2016 on Nickelodeon channel. The coming season premiere is being awaited with interest, and the audience will be able to see new adventures of funny and nice creature.



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