Newzoids Season 3

It is known that in order to gain popularity any entertaining show today should have an unusual format. After all, the variety of humorous programs nowadays is very large, and to find among them the one that is different with its non-standard plot and quality humor is not easy. But the creators of the British puppet show Newzoids have managed to turn their program into an outstanding project, which is known and loved around the world. This unusual show has been broadcasted on ITV channel since 2015 and by this moment 2 full seasons have been presented. The viewers are waiting for the release of the new episode, and address to the authors of the series a single question: will Newzoids come back for Series 3? Release Date of this unusual comedy show is yet to be announced, but the audience is now waiting for the coming of the renewed program and considers that the next episode will be released when all the creators come to the same conclusion about the renewal.

Cast and Creators

The broadcasting of Newzoids is quite long: the first season release date took place on April 15, 2015, and the second season air date was presented on September 3, 2016. The latest season included 6 30-minutes episodes.
Executive producers of the series are:

  • Caroline Norris;
  • Bethan Gorman;
  • Phil Chalk;
  • Giles Pilbrow.

The voices of the most popular puppets belong to the following personalities:

  • Debra Stephenson;
  • Jon Culshaw;
  • Jon Clegg;
  • Simon Greenall;
  • Lewis MacLeod and others.

The network presenting the program is ITV. Co-producing company is Citrus Television and Factory.
Newzoids Season 3 Spoiler

Characters and Plot Peculiarities

The main idea of this satirical project is making high-quality parodies of the world famous personalities of different professions. Among the characters that can be found in Newzoids are politicians, musicians, sport stars and even representatives of the British royal family. Expressive puppets perfectly convey all the features of displayed celebrities and show not only humorous sketches, but also raise serious questions, answers to which cannot be given by the people themselves.
Among those represented in the show, the most outstanding personalities are as follows:

  • Angela Merkel;
  • Cristiano Ronaldo;
  • Donald Trump;
  • Bear Grylls;
  • Ozzy Osbourne;
  • the Clintons;
  • Tom Hiddleston and many other personalities well-known to the whole world.

Prospects for Continuation

Today on a famous website IMDB Newzoids has a 6.2/10 score. This figure, of course, cannot be called the highest one, but that’s quite enough for the creators to renew the project and make its return on the screens faster. The latest season premiere was watched by a great number of viewers – 2.77 million. It’s likely that season three is being awaited with great tension as various changes in the world that have happened recently are sure to be revealed in this extraordinary project.


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