Moonbeam City Season 2

The newly produced animated film “Moonbeam City” is now on the hook after the release of the first season. The producers are to decide whether the following parts are worth their effort.

Short review

This comedy television series is developed by its screenwriter and director Scott Gairdner. The voice cast includes Will Forte, Rob Lowe, Kate Mara, and some others.
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Moonbeam City is reckoned to be a cartoon for adults due to the themes that are depicted there. Even without watching it, we can make such a conclusion after reading the slogan of the multipart film: “Sex. Violence. Pastels.”The home channel for the series is the Comedy Central TV network. The launch date for the first season was September 16, 2015. Thus, the series can be considered of a very young age. However, one cannot say the same about the topic that is discussed in the cartoon movie. So what is the story about?

The storyline

The cartoon presents a parody to the dramas about the harsh 1980th in the USA, particularly, “Miami Vice” and “City Hunter”. The latter comes to be the anime show by the way.
The action takes place in a city full of bright lights and neon colors. The plot centers on several main characters:
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  • Dazzle Novak is a detective of the City. However, his skills that are expected to be possessed by him leave much to be desired. His bad reasoning and a weak impulse control always result in trouble. Any successful investigation is nothing but a consequence of his fortune and the assistance Chrysalis, his junior partner.
  • Chrysalis Zirconia Tate is considered to be a complete antithesis to Dazzle. She is smart, responsible, and qualified. Though Chrysalis worked as a laboratory technician earlier, she has all talents for becoming a true investigator of cases. She is responsible for all technical matters of a detective work. Very often she has to come under criticism of Pizzaz over the behavior of police officers (Dazzle and Rad).
  • Radward "Rad" Cunningham is a guileful person who fully reminds Dazzle’s character. He is also incompetent in investigation questions. He is inclined to greater blunders of reasoning, commonly when making attempts to compete with Dazzle. Though initially looking truculent and ominous, Rad turns to be dastardly and unripe when the events begin to unfold.
  • Pizzaz Miller is a quick-tempered boss of the City Police. She never loses a chance to spring at Dazzle or Rad with his complaints about their unqualified work. Pizzaz tries to discipline them in such a way. When she is out of sorts, Pizzaz unintentionally narrows her eyes.

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When to expect the appearance of the second season?

To answer such a question, we need at first to wait until the official statement about the renewal of the series emerges. The creators do not know so far whether the project is worth to be continued. Thus, Moonbeam City season 2 release date remains unknown and there is nothing to do but hope for the best.


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