Major Lazer Season 2

A new cartoon entitled as Major Lazer is a part FXX’s regular Animation Domination programming block. The release of the first season was successful. Thus, we can be fortunate enough to watch new episodes that are to be wrapped up in the second one.

Brief review of the animated project

What we are going to discuss now is the animated series under the title “Major Lazer”. The history of this project is not so long as we are in possession of only one season available on various online resources since the previous spring. The premiere broadcast was licensed and then given an immediate start on FXX specifically.
Major Lazer Season 2 Poster
Curiously and unexpectedly for all of us, we find out that the project is considered to be the result of the five-year scrupulous work of animators. So, who have developed in particular? Let’s named this hero. It is
What should not escape from our consideration is that the given animation was released practically simultaneously with Peace is the Mission, Major Lazer’s album.
The series immediate developer is reckoned to be Diplo. He is a Grammy-nominated American DJ, rapper, and music producer.

Following the storyline and main characters

The animation is about the fantastic world of future. The plot revolves around a Jamaican superhero, Major Lazer, who is destined to struggle with the dystopian powers that have destroyed the society of humans.
He has two friends who serve as his assistants in this furious fight – Penny and BLKMRKT, both the teenagers. The villains of this story are trying to deprive the residents of Jamaica of their rights.
Are they strong enough in order to face this challenge? In any case, they have no way out as except for them nobody can do it.

Commentaries of the developer

Major Lazer Season 2 Promo
As Diplo says himself, this project is a perfect way to spend your time if you are a follower of hip-hop/electronic music or ’80s cartoons as here musical landscape of that epoch is introduced. So, if get interested in the story, do not hesitate and make a journey into it.

Ratings and reviews

The response from the audience is positive thus making us believe that sometime in the future we will be lucky to follow new episodes wrapped up in the second season.
Though official ratings are not exposed, we are concluding from the scorings on various websites that are garnering voices. On IMDb, this scoring constitutes 7.8 points out of the whole 10. Isn’t it promising and inspiring? We think it is. That’s why chances of the renewal are good.

When can we expect the second part of the cartoon?

The predictions are such that we can expect the release of another chapter. But so far we have nothing concrete to say about this. We cannot please you also so far with Major Lazer season 2 release date as it has not been exposed.
Stay tuned with us and you will be notified timely and at first hand about any changes in the situation with this animated project.


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