Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2

Legends of Chamberlain Heights performs the role of an animated show for adults on the Comedy Central channel. It is new considering that the opening season release date is September 14, 2016. Eight episodes among ten have been already launched.
Bento Box Entertainment is the company responsible for production. The producers are Quinn Hawking, Devon Shepard, Josiah Johnson, Michael Starrbury, Joel Kuwahara, and some others. The cast contains the names of such actors:
Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2 Cast

  • Quinn Hawking,
  • Josiah Johnson,
  • Tiffany Haddish,
  • Jay Pharoah,
  • Michael Starrbury,
  • Lavell Crawford and many others.


Jamal, Milk, and Grove are students of a high school and best friends to each other. Playing for the basketball team of their school, they are not stars no matter whether they are on or off the court. Their cherished desire is to win the respect and obtain that status of stars. Will they manage to earn this appraisal? Let’s follow the unfolding of the story as it keeps appearing on our TV screens!

Measly Numbers

Legends of Chamberlain Heights Season 2 Spoiler
How has the series been received this fall? To the luck of developers, the adult-targeted animation keeps garnering decent rating figures during the current broadcast on the channel. The pioneer episode was noted for the 0.6 million audiences. The drop has taken place to 0.4 million watchers since then.
The score on IMD is average but it continues increasing with each new episode launch. As for now, it constitutes 4.3 out of 10.
Let us know your impressions from this new animation for adults in the comments below the post! Is it enough hilarious for you? Do you appraise the mockery? What are advantages and drawbacks of it? How do you think?

When Will Another Season Premiere be Arranged?

Even not reaching the period when the start was given to the TV broadcast, the series has been officially renewed for the second chapter. When can we expect the revealing of the second season air date? Unfortunately, the recent debut and the current broadcast are two factors that should prevent us from waiting for the near exposal of the Legends of Chamberlain Heights season 2 release date yet we can be sure that another cycle of episodes will be launched the following upcoming year, supposedly at the start of the fall as well.


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