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Kong: King of the Apes is an animated project created for Netflix. Co-created by Arad Animation, and 41 Entertainment. The premiere episode was released on the 15th of April 2016 by Netflix exclusively. There are 13 episodes released at the moment.


The action is set in 2050. Kong becomes the one responsible for the destruction at Alcatraz Island’s Natural History and Marine Preserve. It makes him a wanted fugitive. Now people are aimed to hunt Kong down never realizing that he is controlled by an evil genius whose plans are to bring terror to the world. For that aim, he also uses giant robotic dinosaurs. Kong turns out to be the one capable to stop it and save the world from dangerous mechanical creatures. He is supported by three kids, cause they are the only ones who believe in him knowing the truth.
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  • Lukas Remy: Fond of wildlife. He’s Doctor Leo Remy’s son and Richard’s twin brother. Loves animals, cares about Kong the most. He’s the one to oppose wicked schemes of his brother and his faithful friends together with Kong help him.
  • Kong: While being a baby, he was caught by poachers. Hopefully, he manage to break free. When Lukas was young, they made good friends. In some time, Kong managed to save Richard from fire. The fire gave Richard (an evil genius) a prosthetic eye. However, Richard didn’t feel grateful blaming Kong for the fire. Kong behaves like a child, however he’s closely connected with the Lukas and the team. He became a wanted fugitive being an unlikely participant of Richard’s evil plans.
  • Doug Jones nicknamed Jonesy. Best friend of Lukas and the one responsible for technical issues in team’s plans.
  • Amy Quon: A vet and Danny’s elder sister.
  • Danny Quon: An animal-whisperer. Can communicate with animals. He’s Chinese descent and also one of the best Kong’s friends.
  • Anita: Housekeeper from Spain. Works in Remy family. She took care of Lukas and Richard in their childhood. She’s very caring and extremely worried for both of the brothers. Richard’s changes for the worse make Anita suffer. She’s got a grandniece named Franciska.
  • Chatter: Anita’s parrot and the first bionic bird in the world. Remy managed to save his life and changed his broken wing for a new bionic one.
  • Franciska, nicknamed Panchi: Anita’s grandniece. Once was saved by the team from a huge anaconda. Decided to join her savers. She is extremely intelligent and fond of animals. A big lover of nature and its protection.

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Plans for production of the second season have been confirmed and the release date is yet to be scheduled.



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