The Ice Age: Collision Course

The fifth chapter of the worldwide known and beloved animated franchise is going to return to theaters’ screens this summer to give us a new portion of positive air. So, the apocalypse is coming and as usual, it is a wild squirrel that is to blame for it. How would the principal characters be able to cope with another challenge?

Short review of the franchise

The first chapter of the franchise was launched in far 2002. Who could suppose then that the series of the film would become the most popular in such a great variety of exciting cartoons?
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So, the principal characters of the discussed animated movie are presented by all prehistoric animals. They are a mammoth Manny, a saber-toothed tiger Diego, a sloth named Sid, a wild squirrel Scrat, and some others, but these are the main ones that come to be inseparable friends through foul and fair. The animals can talk to and understand each other and are voiced by a variety of famous actors. For instance, Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary, Chris Wedge, Jack Black, and many others.
The first part was accepted unanimously. This fact can’t be contended. And now we are dealing with the fifth part titled “Ice Age: Collision Course”.
Allegedly the total box office sales compose about $3 million through the entire world. So there is no doubting that the fifth chapter is going to outshine all the cartoons that are scheduled to premiere in this year. In order to get to know what new adventures we should expect from the main characters, one can watch an official trailer that is now available on the Internet.
However, let us clarify some main aspects that will be depicted in the fifth part of the franchise.

What are the key points of the new cartoon?

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Wild squirrel doesn’t look backward over earlier mistakes and make all the planet get into trouble.  And everything is again due to this acorn.
Scrat’s chase of his acorn brings him outside of Earth, where he by chance experiences a set of cosmic events that threaten the planet to be damaged. The apocalypse is to cover the entire world. To be more precise, it is a meteor that is moving toward our planet to squeeze it as a lemon.
To save themselves from danger, the main characters Manny, Sid, Diego, and other animals have to leave their home and start an adventure abounding with both hazardous and laughing moments. While entering the exotic new lands and meeting new friends as well as a new enemy who turns to be a blood brother to one of their old adversaries.

Release details

According to official data, The Ice Age: Collision Course release date is reckoned to be July 22, 2016. As the developers hope, a new generation of children will highly appreciate a new chapter of the franchise. Though the kids who were watching the first chapters have already overgrown this movie, the creators think that this fact won’t influence greatly the success. Thus, let’s look forward, parents, together with your children to the upcoming hit.

Official trailer

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