How to Train Your Dragon 3

All of us are waiting for the debut of the next installment in this cartoon franchise. Fortunately, How to Train Your Dragon 3 release date has been already revealed and we would be glad to present it to you!
How to Train Your Dragon is the animated series, which comprises two cartoons, as of today. The second one was written and directed by one-half of the filmmaking team behind the original animated feature, Dean DeBlois since his colleague named Chris Sanders has been busy with The Croods over the past couple years. Nevertheless, DeBlois has got into details while enlarging on the themes of the original film while delivering an important second chapter in the epic trilogy. The third chapter is announced to come out in the future though this future is not near, in fact.
How to Train Your Dragon 3 Poster
The second part of the franchise has proved to become even of more quality than the pioneer installment in terms of both the quality of animation and action sequences. That kind charm of the animation was not lost, making the franchise a critical darling.
To concretize the situation, the box office of the second part was doubled constituting $100 million comparing to $50 million garnered during the first debut.

Is the Release Date Determined?

When will the continuation of the story appear? This remains a questionable moment. Earlier, it was announced that the premiere date is June 28, 2018. According to December data, the debut is postponed to 2019. If to be more concrete, March 1, 2019, is the exact day for the coming of the third installment.  Thus, Hiccup and his dragon named Toothless need more time to emerge on world theaters screens. Such replacement may be explained in the way that the series always faces off against the major box office contender from Disney or Marvel.
How to Train Your Dragon 3 Promo
The extra time taken is not an irretrievable situation. It just signifies that DeBlois, the leader of the behind-the-scene cast, will create even more great animation show.
All this practically means that we should not be under the illusion that some other details concerning this project may be revealed in the near future. We should pay our attention to nearer theater projects. Regardless, stay tuned with us for more news!


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