Guardians of the Galaxy Season 2

They should find the Cosmic Seed in order to prevent the new universe from being created. That is a plot summary of the series under the title “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The series is new but is already resumed for the sophomore chapter that is to come out in the next year.

Brief review

The series title is implying that the story is about space adventures. The superheroes are to save the whole universe. But from what they should keep it safe specifically? Let’s turns to this question a little bit later. Now we should move closer to production issues.
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The broadcast of the first season was accomplished on the Disney XD channel in the United States. It is much more probable that the second one will be also aired on it.
The series production was due to Marvel Television and Marvel Animation with the team of executives comprising Alan Fine, Dan Buckley, Joe Quesada and Jeph Loeb.
The central characters are provided with voices due to Will Friedle, Trevor Devall, Vanessa Marshall, Kevin Michael Richardson and David Sobolov.
The plot is grounded surely on comic books published by Marvel Comics with the spacefaring superhero team being the center of the story.
The release of the first season was held in the previous September. But what can be now said about the continuation of the story?

Plot summary

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Before embarking on answering that question, let’s submerge into the very narrative. We think you won’t object to it.
The series follows the space crew, the Guardians who should save our universe. But from what specifically?
The case is that the Cosmic Seed has been found. By means of it, the new universe can be created. And this can mean the end of the history of our own. Thus, it is a powerful weapon that can destroy our world.  The principal heroes should set off on a dangerous trip in order to find it, destroy, and consequently, prevent our space from being annihilated.

High ratings and early renewal for the second part

The series ratings are on a high level and this fact cannot be doubted. The reason for making such a conclusion was rather simple since the renewal was confirmed as soon as several first episodes came out to gladden the audience consisting of both children and adults.
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Thus, the second part will appear come rain or shine. We can sigh with relief and leave this question.
The public got to know the info due to the press release. There, it was also announced that in a future second installment the developers are going to mix the crews of the Guardians and the Avengers. So, it is expected to be a true hit for the admirers of comics.
The next premiere is slated to be held in the next year. Thus, we are not under the illusion that the Guardians of the Galaxy season 2 release date will appear this summer. We can wait for its emergence only getting closer to the end of this year, not earlier. Nevertheless, stay tuned with us in order to get to know everything in the nick of time.


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