Gravity Falls Season 3

Being in the know of the current events that are taking place with the project under the title “Gravity Falls”, we are to bring rather sad news for the fans of this marvelous cartoon. The case lies in that the series has been officially canceled and there is no way out but to settle for viewing only available two seasons.

Following the production issues

Gravity Falls Season 3 Poster
Being added to the programming list in 2013, the Gravity Falls animation is made as a catchy project for children of various ages including even the most adult (9-14 year old) and the smallest ones (2-4 year old).
The fabrication of this animation was the task for the Disney Television Animation studio that was following the order of the Disney Channel. The scriptwriting issues were resolved by the immediate inspirer named Alex Hirsch.

Getting closer to the storyline

The twinning boy and girl named Dipper and Mable Pines come as the central heroes for this marvelously created animated story for kids and more grown-up children.
The story starts unfolding after parents decide to send them to a rather distant family member inhabiting a town of Gravity Falls the residents of which lead a peaceful life as it can seem at first blush. As the matter stands, children find out sometime later after their arrival that the city is fully packed with mystery and adventure.
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Being promising enough

The acceptance is on a considerably favorable level with the cartoon being perceived now as a leader among all other animations aired on Disney Channel. The case is that the average amount of viewers is evaluated in 1.5 million people.
As the matter stands the admirers of the second installment have noted that it is rather gloomy. But unexpectedly this was not reflected on ratings’ general picture. So the small loyal following had been looking forward to the premiere of the third circle of episodes through to November of the previous year. Their expectations were destined to be crashed all of sudden. Let’s consider the thing.

Catching up with the news

With the sophomore installment of the animation bowing out at the close of the previous November, the developers decided to frustrate hopes of the fan base at once getting a jump on cancelling the story and closing the door to the third round of adventures.
Gravity Falls Season 3 Cast
One of the creators named Alex Hirsh made this cancelation news available meaning that this given series was not doomed according to his production plans to be long-running.
So the loyal following is left in the cold. We can only hold out hope that the producers of the channel have something not less brilliant in store to replace this concrete project without letting the viewers feel the gap.
It comes obvious that here no information can appear ever about the Gravity Falls season 3 release date as well as about the resumption. Stay tuned in order to become acknowledged of the new animation that is about to replace this project.


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