Future-Worm Season 2

Future-Worm is a new cartoon show on the Disney XD channel which first season premiere is dated back to the close of this summer. Specifically, the pioneer season release date is August 1, 2016. Prior to this official launch, four sketches had seen the light of day yet in 2015.
The comedy and science fiction is not the unique mixture of genres yet Quincy Productions, Disney Television Studios, and Bento Box Entertainment have tried to create something really compelling and captivating for children, collaborating on the project. The cartoon has its immediate developer named Ryan Quincy. The narration is by Corey Burton. The voice cast includes such ones:

  • James Adomian,
  • Ryan Quincy,
  • Corey Burton,
  • Andy Milonakis,
  • Laura Silverman and many others.

Future-Worm Season 2 Cast

Narrative Summary

Danny Douglas, a young boy, and his fascinating invention are at the core of the story. This invention is a time machine which size corresponds to not more than two lunch boxes.
Once after sending it to the past, it turns out that instead of the past it is delivered into the future. The scientists from the future transform the time machine into a talking worm and endow it with various superpowers. Then the creature comes back to the time where Danny lives and makes acquaintance with him.  Together with their common friend named Bug, they start new marvelous adventures.

Audience Feedback

The animated series has been accepted with no certain complaints yet not much enthusiastically. The audience constituted only 0.3 million watchers during the debut. It has dropped to 0.1 million people per each new episode.
Future-Worm Season 2 Spoiler
The score on IMDb is also average – 7.4 out of 10. There again it is not a result of a hit project ever but is sufficiently decent for creating more cycles in the future. Additionally, it is suitable for the whole family viewing.

As for the Future

Nothing has been revealed regarding the resumption, as well as the Future-Worm season 2 release date. Do you wait when the exposal of the new season air date is made? Do you love this cartoon? Do your children admire it or not? What are chances of either revival or cancellation? We think it is much likely that the series will be renewed. Stay tuned for updates with us and you will not miss any news!


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