DreamWorks Dragons Season 4

All little viewers are looking forward to the returning of a wonderful fairytale adventure with the new fourth season of DreamWorks Dragons. However, the developers made up their mind not to rush things up, unfortunately. So let’s bring serenity to the situation.

What do we know about the previous seasons of DreamWorks Dragons?

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DreamWorks Dragons presents an animated multipart film for TV viewers produced by the DreamWorks Animation studio. The unveiling of the series was set on September 4, 2012. The debut part served as a binding thread between the 3D animation “How to Train Your Dragon” that is known as the basis for the discussed series and its sequel. The first chapter has also its name “Riders of Berk”.
As for the third part, the latest released season, it was shown to the public on June 26, 2015.
The immediate creators and inspirers of the series are presented by the usual team: Chris Sanders together with Dean DeBlois. The home channel is reckoned to be Cartoon Network. It is curious that DreamWorks Dragons was considered to be the primary animated multipart film from this production company that has been broadcast not on the Nickelodeon channel as the tradition required.
The voicing cast consists of America Ferrera, Jay Baruchel (they also provided their voices in the above-mentioned feature cartoon movie), Andree Vermeulen, Chris Edgerly, and some others.
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Storyline and characters

The central character is the same as in the case of the film that is  found on the like-named book series written by the British kid’s author Cressida Cowell. His name is Hiccup.
In the first season, he is making much effort to maintain balance within a new joint residence of Dragons and Vikings. And who are these Vikings? Let’s brush up on the story itself.
The place of action is Berk, a small village that is considered to be the home for the Vikings. The main characters of the story, its immediate adventurers are the teens from this British tribe. Thanks to those brave boys the Vikings and Dragons begin to live in a relative harmony after a long period of conflicts between them.
In the first part of the series, Hiccup and other main characters face the worlds that turn to be coarser than their one. The dragons from these unknown and dangerous worlds can’t be trained. New rivals are searching for any occasion in order to destroy the peaceful life in Berk. Will they be able to cope with the challenge?
DreamWorks Dragons Season 4 Cast

When to expect the continuation of the story in the shape of the fourth season?

DreamWorks Dragons season 4 release date remains to be renewed by the creators. The fans seem to begin worrying about the future fate of the series because the entire year from the premiere of the third season has already passed, and there is still no news from the developers. Thus, there is nothing to do but hope that DreamWorks do not aspire to brush off the project loved by children and their parents from all over the world.

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