Coco (2017)

A huge number of animated films are produced annually, but the statistics show that most expected projects are those of Disney and in particular its branch Pixar. The authors of this animation film studio are always pleasing the audience with unusual novelties and pictures that are remembered for a long time. It makes no sense to list these or other stories, the audience knows and loves cartoons of the company. And another piece of good news for children and even better news for their parents: the creators of a new product from Pixar have announced that in 2017 they will present their new animated film called Coco. Audience attention is already focused on the upcoming premiere and the public all over the world is eagerly awaiting the release of the movie.

The Crew of Creators and Developers of Coco

Coco Cartoon Spoiler
The leading personality of Coco is Lee Unkrich, an American filmmaker and scriptwriter, who has created the idea the film in cooperation with one more writer Adrian Molina also of an American origin.
The cartoon wouldn’t be so popular without the work of professional executive and casting producers developing the movie and presenting all the news connected with an upcoming air date. These people are:

  • John Lasseter;
  • Darla K. Anderson;
  • Kevin Reher;
  • Natalie Lyon.

The companies producing the movie need no introduction: these are world famous and respected by everyone Walt Disney Pictures and its so-called "ward" as Pixar Animation Studios.

Brief Review and Cast

Coco Cartoon Promo
The main character of the cartoon will be a boy Miguel, who is 12 years old. Living a normal life, he suddenly becomes a witness to unusual and inexplicable events that are able to uncover a centuries-old mystery. All this can lead to unpredictable consequences, but it happens that there is an unpredictable family reunion, and the events become an unexpected turn.
As the actors, whose voices are used for synchronizing cartoon characters, are presented the following personalities:

  • Anthony Gonzalez (his character is Miguel);
  • Gael Garcia Bernal (he is voicing Hector);
  • Renee Victor (her voice belongs to Abuelita);
  • Benjamin Bratt (his character is Ernesto de la Cruz).

Premiere Date and Prospects

Maybe, it’s too early to say about possible audience’s reviews, but an upcoming premiere is likely to be accepted positively by both critics and ordinary viewers. The air date is already known: Coco will be premiered on November 22, 2017. Stay tuned not to forget about this debut and get various facts and interesting news concerning the film.


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