Care Bears and Cousins Season 3

A renewed charming cartoon for children under the title “Care Bears and Cousins” was released only in the antecedent year following the 2012 adventure series called “Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-lot”. So far we have toe seasons at our disposal, but we hope the creators will resume this cartoon for another chapter.

Basic info

Care Bears and Cousins Season 3 Poster
The project titled “Care Bears and Cousins” is reckoned to be a new cartoon in the form of a serial created in the preceding year and brought to broadcast at the end of December. The second season has been launched this year, particularly in February. So as you see, the break between two chapters is not so huge. The voice cast consists of such actors and actresses as Doug Erholtz, Olivia Hack, Breaden Fox, and others.
The animated serial can be viewed on a giant online network called Netflix. The story hails from the practically eponymous franchise popular in the 80s of the previous century. The franchise consisted of various projects in the form of feature films and serials.

The plot of the animation

If to believe the title, the story comes to be narrative of bears. Originally they are ten. Each bear has its own color and a certain symbol. All together they are the residents of the land called Care-a-lot. As for cousins, they are presented by various types of animals, as for example, there are a penguin and a lion the cartoon. They used to live in the Forest of Feelings but then moved into the land inhabited by bears.
Care Bears and Cousins Season 3 Cast

Netflix is going to become the network for the whole franchise

As it is known currently, the home network for the discussed serial called Netflix is trying to become the streaming channel for the whole franchise of cartoons about bears. This raises a question: what is the reason for such decision? The thing is that now children seem like getting used to fast-paced action cartoons. But looking at the ratings, we begin to realize that the situation is not as sad as it seems from the first sight. The serial is returning to our children to receive their appreciation. The reincarnation of old-fashioned kind cartoon movies has gained a considerable success.

Can we expect the renewal of the serial in the form of a third season?

Care Bears and Cousins Season 3 Cast
If to take into account the ratings of the show that are on a relatively high level, the serial have great perspectives for renewal for another season. There is no doubting that children and their parents all around the world will be glad to get to know about the release of another chapter, especially for parents, for the serial presents a useful thing by means of which they can amuse their small kids.
However, so far there is no information about the Care Bears and Cousins season 3 release date as well as about the possibility of the resumption. Thus, the creators are still to shape the future of the projects. Stay tuned in order to receive all available information straight from the official and consequently reliable resources.


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