Beat Bugs Season 3

For the past two seasons Netflix channel has been broadcasted an animated series of Canadian and Australian origin Beat Bugs, which is designed for children up to 7 years. Little viewers adore comic characters of this cartoon, which became a real discovery for many families. Today not only children but also their parents are concerned, when Beat Bugs will be renewed for the following season 3. Release date of the next part of this catching show is still unknown, but chances of its coming is not even discussed, as all the audience believes that the continuation will be released in the nearest future and the new episode will air soon.

Creators and Producers

The pilot season air date was launched in Australia on July 3, 2016 and that part included 13 episodes; the same number had the second season which debuted on November 16, 2016.
Beat Bugs Season 3 Poster
The director and the author of the idea is Josh Wakely, a producer and filmmaker from Australia. His colleagues developing Beat Bugs are the following executive producers:

  • Trevor Roy;
  • Josh Wakely;
  • Frank Giustra;
  • Martin Bandier;
  • Mikael Borglund;
  • Damian Trotter;
  • Rob Simmons and others.

There are a few production companies distributing Beat Bugs and responsible for the next season release date: Thunderbird Entertainment, Grace: A Storytelling Company, Seven Network, Beyond Entertainment and Atomic Cartoons. The channel broadcasting Beat Bugs is Netflix, a famous multinational company.

Plot Specifics

The return of the program is sure to be connected with the adventures of the same funny five bugs travelling around Village Green. They call the people living nearby the Giants, but in fact they usually do not get in touch with humans.
Beat Bugs Season 3 Spoiler
The voices of the characters belong to the actors who form the cast of the program. They are:

  • Ashleigh Ball as Jay;
  • Rebecca Husain (Buzz);
  • Erin Mathews (Kumi);
  • Lili Beaudoin as Crick;
  • Charles Demers (Walter).

The same funny bugs are likely to remain in a new season three, which is a real pleasure for little viewers loving these adorable creatures.

Series Rating and Prospects for Continuation

Looking at the rating of Beat Bugs on IMDB (8.2/10), one can surely say that this result proves the popularity of the show and the audience’s love. The songs sung by the Beatles fill each episode of the program, which helps children to develop not only their intelligence but also musical taste.
There is still no any finale data concerning the next season premiere, so stay tuned to make sure that season 2 was not the last one and to find out the schedule of its upcoming episodes.


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