Archer Season 8

Be ready to receive another portion of secrets from the famous animated CIA agent named Sterling Archer. We are not kidding truly. The eighth season is announced as the immediate future of the cartoon under the title “Archer”. There is not wondering why – the project remains one of the highest-rated ones on the FX channel.

Principal features of the long-running series

It is an animated project that serves to show the life of one agent from the intelligence service. Archer debuted yet in 2009. From that moment, the series has become one of the highest rated and the beloved program on the FX channel, the home network for the series.
Archer Season 8 Poster
The seventh installment was given a start in March 2016. So, this year we cannot expect the release of the eighth installment.
As for general production issues, let’s turn to them for some time. The series creation is the credit for Adam Reed. Together with executives from such companies as Floyd Country Productions, Radical Axis, and FXP, he has been applying much effort while developing the project from the very beginning. The names of these executives are Reed and Matt Thompson, as well as Casey Willis.

Feedback during the whole course

The animated series success is something now so evident to a modern audience. The critical acclaim is added to the variety of nominations, as well as award victories including Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media – Multiplatform Storytelling and several Critics’ Choice Television Awards for Outstanding Animated Program.
The ratings on various websites are also blinding. On IMDb, the scoring constitutes 8.8 points out of 10. The viewership is, however, not so large as could be expected, reaching only 1 million people.

Catching up with the latest events of the story

Archer Season 8 Promo
Having bowed out in June 2016, the latest seventh installment of the animated comedy has brought 13 new compelling episodes. The final episode had a shocking ending – Sterling Archer floating (presumably) dead in the pool, while his robotic double was alive and well, despite a bullet in his stomach.
What could it end in? Will the main character be truly dead? One of the executives is not refusing from this statement. But we are all hoping that it will be not this case.

Following the news

The close of June 2016 was noted for the inspiring data appearing officially for us to be pleased with them. The thing is that the animated story has been renewed for the following several chapters if to be concrete enough for three installments. The next one, the eighth chapter, has been scheduled for the release in 2017.
The producers have made a promise that we will be taken aback by the next installment. So, excitement is growing within us.
Nevertheless, we have nothing to do now but keep waiting for the official announcement of the Archer season 8 release date. If you follow this animation, you just compelled to keep an ear out for it by means of following our service.


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