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All Hail King Julien is TV show aired on American TV. That’s an animated comedy web series based on the original characters created by DreamWorks Animation. The main character of the show has already appeared in Madagascar animated film and the franchise in general. He’s King Julien participating in the events that happened some time before the events of the Madagascar movies. So, it makes it a hilarious prequel for the devoted fans. Besides, it’s not the first project create by DreamWorks on the base of the Madagascar franchise.


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The main character is King Julien XII (he’s sometime called Uncle King Julien in the series). He’s a real coward and he’s extremely strict. He makes all those who live in his kingdom obey his orders no matter what. One day Masikura is predicted  that he will be eaten by fossa and he manages to reflect their attack (pay attention that the word is pronounced throughout the series as "foosa"). After that, he passes his throne to his nephew named King Julien XIII. Yep, he’s the one we meet in Madagascar movies. He’s a crazy party animal, selfish, stupid and notorious. Now he must rule a huge kingdom inhabited by lemurs with no help from above. Uncle King Julien leaves the kingdom for some time and his nephew gets into a number of troubles accompanied by advisor Maurice, Clover – the head of his security, and Mort. Then his uncle returns trying to get his throne back. Except for his Uncle and the foosa, King Julien faces numerous threats from other characters.


The official announcement of the production was made in spring of 2014. It was a part of the contract signed between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation. The animators were to create about 300 hundred hours of unique projects for Netflix. The series is created on the base of the original characters from Madagascar franchise. However, it’s not a continuation, but a prequel. The characters in the series are voiced by the cast working on the creation of Madagascar movies. Henry Winkler and India de Beaufort are the newcomers in the team.
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The series met a number of positive reviews from the critics and the ratings are stable (basically due to the initial popularity of the character in the franchise). The first five episodes released were called a success. Season 1 was called successful in style, script and performance. Julien, the main character, is perfect delivering on all the main accounts.

Release Info

The premiere episode was released on the 19th of December 2014 by Netflix. The first season consisted of five episodes lasting for 22 minute each. The second season started airing on the 16th of October 2015. The third season premiered on the 17th of June 2016 and the producers has already prolonged All Hail King Julien for the fourth season. Season 5 will be released on the 11th of November 2017.


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