Adventure Time Season 8

Tired of looking for some fresh facts on the upcoming seasons of Adventure Time? Lost in millions of links leading to nowhere? We’re constantly searching for new updates about the possible and officially approved future broadcasts. Check this out if you’re looking forward to the 8th season of Adventure Time fantasy animated series!

General Overview

Adventure time is an animated comedy and fantasy adventure TV series created for Cartoon Network. The plot centers on Finn and his best friend Jake the Dog. The story is set in a fictional reality called Land of Ooo in the state of post apocalypse. The Adventure Time series is initially based on a short animation series called Random! Cartoons.
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Unpredictably, the short animation became a real hit in the Net. This inspired people from Cartoon Network create a series with its personal unique plot. The first episode was aired on the 5th of April, 2010. There are 7 seasons in the show with 236 episodes in total.
Adventure Time is created by Pendleton Ward and directed by Larry Leichliter.

Plot and Crew Details

A boy named Finn together with his adoptive brother and best friend named Jake the Dog gets through unpredictable adventures. Jake has magic powers and is able to change the way he looks, his size and shape. Finn is an active kid with strong moral issues. In their post-apocalyptic world, they constantly interact with other characters. They are Princess Bubblegum – Candy Kingdom sovereign, the Ice King – an ice wizard and Marceline the Vampire Queen – she’s 1000 years old and is fond of rock music.
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The voice cast:

  • Jeremy Shada as Finn the Human
  • John DiMaggio as Jake the Dog
  • Tom Kenny as the Ice King
  • Hynden Walch as Princess Bubblegum
  • Olivia Olson as Marceline the Vampire Queen

Facts and More

Adventure Time Season 8 Cast

  • Jeremy Shada (the boy voicing Finn) was growing too fast. The directors and animators decided to make the character of Finn older in the cartoon due to the actor’s changing voice.
  • The voice cast makes the voicing sitting together in one room – it’s not typical for most part of modern cartoons.
  • The first name of Princess Bubblegum is Bonnibel.
  • Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time says that Jake the Dog is based on Trippier Harrison from Meatballs (portrayed by Bill Murray).
  • The first variant of main character’s name was Pen – short for Pendleton. Later, Ward himself decided to change it for Finn.
  • Planet Earth in the series has also survived an apocalypse. It has a vast hole on one of her sides. It appeared after the so-called Mushroom War. Some of the characters in Adventure time are those who survived in this war.

Release Date Info

Adventure Time series was officially prolonged for the 8th season! The exact release name is scheduled. We expect it in the end of 2016.


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