Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Season 2

Much to the luck of the American anime fans, a new spin-off of the famous franchise under the title “Yu-Gi-Oh!” has appeared in its English version in the USA this year. Unfortunately not the whole amount of the first season has been shown so far in English. However, we shouldn’t give up hope that we will see both the final parts of the anime and the second season of the project.

Basic info you need to know about the project

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V is considered to be the anime serial in the genre of a fantastical adventure. It is also the part of a franchise if to be more concrete the fourth co-project of Yu-Gi-Oh! The anime has been broadcast in Japan since 2014, particularly since April. The highly anticipated debut in the USA was held at the end of February, 2016. Currently, we have 50 episodes at hand. Each episode lasts about 20 minutes.
The franchise “Yu-Gi-Oh!” is nothing but a brand story that has been developed by the way since 1998. It includes various manga adaptations, games, and also series.
The immediate creator of the story is the one and the only Kamashiro Tsutomu. The animation is behind Gallop.
The voice cast of the American variant of the anime adaptation includes Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Michael Lockwood Crouch, Eileen Stevens, and some others. But these are the leading performers.

What is about the plot of the anime?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Season 2 Promo
The action place is reckoned to be the so-called Paradise City. The action time is the nearer future. The story enlarges upon the teenager, a school student named Yuya Sakaki. He is obsessed with gaming; especially he is fond of playing the duels in holographic system which gives an opportunity to visualize the horrible creatures and environments giving them physical mass. That consequently leads to the players interacting straight with the rivals. In such a way, the rough tasks of Action Duels have appeared due to the improvements in the game developed by the Leo Corporation and especially the head of the company named Reiji Akaba.
When three years ago Yuya Sakaki was to complete another important duel, his father vanished.
While facing the challenge of the new champion, Yuya reveals a power from the pendant.

Ratings and renewal potential

The serial has turned to be highly evaluated by the admirers of the anime genre in the USA. The coming brand has obtained a 7.5 score from 10 points on IMDb.
Though there is a large amount of the fans all over the world that are loyal to their beloved brand, the developers of the English adaptation of the given series are not going to announce the appearance of the final episodes in English as well as the further possible adaptation of the upcoming seasons of the Japanese series.
So the Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V season 2 release date is now unknown, unfortunately And we have nothing but to recommend staying tuned in order to keep abreast of the situation and to wait for better news to come straight from the horse’s mouth.


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