Hand Shakers Season 2

Among the stories in the genre of anime that came out recently, the audience notes the series Hand Shakers, the show about the events taking place in the alternative 21st century. Here, every fan of this type of cartoon will find something special for him – an excellent plot dynamics, a successful cast, a well-thought-out story. Despite the fact that the first season premiere was presented recently, the project has already managed to gain enough popularity so that every new episode on any TV channel would be expected by a large number of people. Therefore, today the authors increasingly receive from the fans of the series a lot of questions about when Hand Shakers season 2 will start. Release date of the next season two is still shrouded in mystery, as the first part is still running. But the chances for coming of the second season are rather high, and the renewed show will probably return with a new story very soon.

Creators and Developers

The pilot season start was introduced on January 10, 2017, and the show is still in progress. The authors are going to present 12 episodes, and most of them have already aired.
Hand Shakers Season 2 date release

The main creators of the series are Hiromichi Kanazawa and his colleague Shingo Suzuki, who are working over the project. The first one is also the main author of the script of Hand Shakers.

Those people who are certainly responsible for the following season release date are producers, working in order the series to be presented in time. These people are:

  • Mitsuhiro Ogata;
  • Kazuhiko Hasegawa;
  • Toshiyasu Hayashi;
  • Sachi Kawamoto;
  • Yuuki Kurosaki;
  • Kozue Kananiwa.

The studio which presented the first season air date and that which will definitely introduce the series new episodes is GoHands.
Hand Shakers Season 2

Plot Review

The protagonist of the anime is a school student Tazuna Takatsuki, an ordinary pupil who, however, shows good abilities in mechanics. He often visits the research center, where one day meets a sleeping girl. When touching her he begins to experience something unusual that is transmitted through the fingertips. Learning about the existence of a new world, Tazuna together with his new acquaintance start acting together. The series is very interesting with its plot, and all the characters look very harmonious.

The people presenting the main characters and giving their voices to them are:

  • Soma Saito, voicing Tazuna Takatsuki;
  • Ai Kayano, presenting Hojo Riri;
  • Ayumu Murase, acting as Hojo Masaru, and some others.

Hand Shakers Season 2

Prospects for Renewal and Viewers’ Interest

If the first season won’t be the last one, it will be quite predictable, as a number of viewers are waiting for the continuation. On IMDB Hand Shakers has got a rating of 6.5/10, and this figure cannot be called the highest one. However, the show has all the chances to be renewed, so stay tuned to follow the schedule and know all the finale news.

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