Silver Soul (Gintama) Season 6

A legendary series in the genre of the anime Silver Soul (Gintama), which for several years has pleased fans of this type of cartoon, very soon can be renewed again. The fifth season, which was presented not so long ago, certainly will not be the last, and perhaps very soon viewers will see a new episode when the next sixth season premiere will air. This show on the channel TXN has managed to gain immense popularity among the viewers of all ages, and not only thanks to an exciting story, but also to bright characters, as well as a professional cast that voices them. Despite the high chances for continuation, the public still wants to know for sure when Silver Soul (Gintama) season 6 will debut. Release date of the next season hasn’t been mentioned by the authors yet, but its coming seems to be obvious, so the sixth season release date should be awaited soon.

Production Info

The first season start took place back in 2006, on April 4. Since then an incredible number of episodes have been presented (326), and in the latest season five that is still running 10 episodes have already aired. The fifth season debuted on January 9, 2017.
Silver Soul (Gintama) Season 6 date release

The main creator and director of the series is Chizuru Miyawaki, an anime maker from Japan, who has managed to continue the great story and, of course, not to spoil it.

The studio producing the show is Bandai Namco Pictures, and the channel broadcasting it is TXN, a Japanese network.

Brief Review

The series Silver Soul (Gintama) is more of a comedy show, which in a comical manner depicts stories about samurai. The plot of the project is as follows: after the alien ships arrived on the planet Earth in order to capture it, they succeeded in it and forbade all the residents to have any weapons with them. However, there was a group of those people who decided to confront the invaders. It is its participants who are the main characters of the series. They are comical and funny in their own way, but throughout the seasons the audience has fallen in love with them, and now all the viewers are eagerly waiting for their favorite characters to return on the screen.
Silver Soul (Gintama) Season 6

Among a number of characters that appear in the series the following ones are worth mentioning:

  • Gintoki Sakata;
  • Kagura;
  • Tae Shimura;
  • Shinpachi Shimura;
  • Sadaharu;
  • Kishin Mademoiselle Saigou;
  • Otose;
  • Taizo Hasegawa and many others.

Silver Soul (Gintama) Season 6

Soon Renewal and Viewers’ Interest

A very high rating on IMDB (8.8/10) proves that the new season air date is being strongly awaited by the public. Both viewers and creators are interested in continuation, and this is quite predictable, and such popularity cannot help bringing good profit to the authors of the project. Stay tuned no to miss any useful information connected with the schedule of the series and be aware of all the finale creators’ decisions.

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