Blue Exorcist Season 3

Some anime series are able to get the so-called second life, even after a long break, when the chances for continuation, as it may seem, no longer exist. That’s what happened with a popular show Blue Exorcist, which after a long break was renewed, and the second season premiere was shown to viewers recently. The continuation of the series was a real gift for those who loved this project, and the second part of the popular epopee is gaining momentum with each new episode. The coming of season two was accepted with joy, boy now the audience wants to get more from the creators and constantly ask them about the third part and want to know when Blue Exorcist season 3 will air. Release date is yet to be announced as the current season hasn’t finished yet, but if the last episodes are accepted by the public with the same pleasure as before, the series will have good chances to return with another third part on any channel broadcasting anime.

Authors Crew

There is, of course, no any finale information concerning the number of episodes in the next season three. True lover of Blue Exorcist remember that the first season included 25 episodes, and by the moment 10 episodes of the second part have been shown.
Blue Exorcist Season 3 date release

The pilot season air date was presented on April 17, 2011, and all that part lasted till October 2, 2011. The following season aired at the beginning of 2017, on January 7.

The creator of the previous renewed part of the series is Koichi Hatsumi, the director from Japan. His cooperation with another author Toshiya Ono, a scriptwriter, has turned into a successful project that now gives pleasure to many viewers.

The studio developing the show is A-1 Pictures, the company specializing in anime creating.
Blue Exorcist Season 3

About the Plot and Cast

The main character of this series is Rin Okumura, a young man who, together with his twin brother, was brought up by a man engaged in exorcism. One day, Rin learns that he and his brother are not the sons of the one they thought was their father, but they are the children of Satan. After that, his life changes completely, and the image of the young man changes – he acquires demonic features. But Rin does not intend to follow the forces of evil; on the contrary, he wants to become a fighter with demons, like his father, so he goes to a special school where he has to learn a lot about his new craft.

The actors whose voices are heard in Blue Exorcist are such as:

  • Nobuhiko Okamoto, presenting Rin Okumura;
  • Johnny Young Bosch, voicing Yukio Okumura;
  • Hiroshi Kamiya, acting Mephisto Pheles;
  • Keiji Fujiwara, whose character is Shirou Fujimoto;
  • Kana Hanazawa, presenting Shieme Moriyama, and many others.

Possible Renewal and Rating

When new season release date is announced, this will be a real gift for the fans of this series, as according to viewers’ interest the show has all the chances to be extended for part three. It has got a 7.7/10 score on IMDB, which is not little, so stay tuned in order to find out the schedule of an upcoming premiere.

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