Fuuka Season 2

A very unusual and fascinating series was launched at the very beginning of this year not on one television channel, but on several networks. It’s the show called Fuuka, a project that since the very first new episode has gained popularity with viewers due to its vivid characters and the cast voicing them. In this project there is no special morality, powerful battle scenes and other things, which are often revealed in series in the genre of anime. But the public will find here many funny events and an interesting story, which is not similar to other cartoons of this genre. The first season premiere was accepted with interest by the audience, which is already waiting for the coming of season two, so one the main question of the show’s fans is as follows: when will Fuuka season 2 be presented with a renewed story? Release date of the next season start is sill unknown, but if the creators manage to return the story on the screen, a large number of viewers will certainly be happy.

Production Info

Real fans of Fuuka remember that it was January 6, 2017 when new season was presented. By the moment not all of 12 episodes have been introduced, but the public is still worrying about the number of those ones which remained.
Fuuka Season 2 date release

The director of the show is Keizô Kusakawa, a Japanese author. When creating the series, he was helped by Aoi Akashiro and Koji Seo, professional screenwriters.

There are also the other authors who are also worth mentioning. They are producers responsible for the promoting of the story and presenting the following season air date. These people are such as:

  • Toshio Iizuka;
  • Jun Fukuda;
  • Yoko Tanaka;
  • Ikuno Iida;
  • Toshihiro Maeda;
  • Hiroshi Endo;
  • Tetsuya Endo and a few others

The company which will definitely announce when season two will air is Diomedea.
Fuuka Season 2

About the Series

One of the main and funny characters of the series Fuuku is Yuu Haruna, a young guy who recently moved to a new place. He is very fond of such a social network as Twitter, and can not imagine his life without his phone. But one day an unknown girl accidentally smashes his phone, and now Yuu has to start a new, completely different life.

The characters of Fuuku speak the voices that belong to the following actors:

  • Lynn, acting as Fuuka Akitsuki;
  • Yūsuke Kobayashi, presenting Yuu Haruna;
  • Saori Hayami, voicing Koyuki Hinashi;
  • Soma Saito, whose character is Makoto Mikasa;
  • Mikako Komatsu, presenting Sara Iwami, and others.

Fuuka Season 2

Possible Continuation and Rating

The second season release date is yet to be announced, and there hasn’t been any finale news concerning the chances for renewal. 7.9/10 is the rating of the series on IMDB, and this is a high figure. If the creators will take this into account, the first season won’t be the last one. Stay tuned to be aware of the schedule and find out some useful details of an upcoming part two.

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