Chaos Child Season 2

It is quite rare possible to find cartoons based on video games. But if we are talking about such a genre as anime, then from the Japanese creators, of course, one can expect everything. In their new show Chaos Child, which started on the channel AT-X very recently, is combined all that connoisseurs of the game with the same name love so much. The story with elements of a thriller and science fiction is presented to the audience in each new episode, so it’s no wonder that the public is looking forward to the second season premiere and every next episode of the series. It’s still unknown when the coming of Chaos Child season 2 should be awaited. Release date of the renewed part is likely to be announced when all the creators make a certain conclusion regarding the popularity of their product and its chances for success. Anyway, a number of lovers of this anime hope that the series will return soon and the following season release date will be presented in the near future.

Authors and Creators

The first episode of the project was introduced on January 11, 2017, and by today 9 episodes have already aired. The audience believes the first season won’t be the last one, and hopes that the series new story will start soon.
Chaos Child Season 2 date release

The director and the main creator of this animated show based on a popular video game is Masato Jinbo. The company producing the series is Silver Link, a well-known studio in the sphere of anime making.

About the Plot and Cast

The main characters of Chaos Child are schoolchildren who do not have parents because of the terrible earthquake and grew up in an orphanage. Before the disaster strange murders took place in the local district, and now Takuru Miyashiro, the head of the journalists club, decides to lead the investigation and find a mysterious murderer, because the crimes are starting to happen again. All the viewers are happy to see a dynamic plot and bright characters, so the success of the series is fully justified.
Chaos Child Season 2

Among those who are engaged in voicing the main characters of the series, it is worth noting the following ones:

  • Suzuko Mimori, presenting Hinae Arimura;
  • Sumire Uesaka, acting as Serika Onoe;
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, whose character is Takuru Miyashiro;
  • Sayaka Nakaya, voicing Hana Kazuki;
  • Sarah Emi Bridcutt, acting as Nono Kurusu;
  • Asami Sanada, voicing Mio Kunosato;
  • Inori Minase, presenting Uki Yamazoe, and a few others.

Chaos Child Season 2

Chances for Continuation and Viewers’ Interest

Despite the fact the new season air date is still unknown, almost all the fans of the show believe that the series will be renewed and the following season start will happen soon. If the authors decide to continue making Chaos Child, the rating of this anime is likely to be even higher than now. Stay tuned not to miss finale news from the creators and follow the schedule of the series.

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