Young Black Jack Season 2

Young Black Jack is originally a Japanese manga series created by Yoshiaki Tabata. The illustrations were made by Yūgo Ōkuma. The owner of the original idea is Osamu Tezuka. Young Champion serialized it in the end of autumn 2011. The anime version of Black Jack started broadcasting in October of 2015 and wrapped up in December of the sane year. The main character of manga and anime series is called Black Jack – he’s a medical student. The series revolves in the 1960s. Kuroo Hazama is an extremely talented and thoughtful medical student. He develops his skills with the help of Dr. Jōtarō Honma – one of the best surgeons who was a key person in Hazama’s fate. One day he got into a tragic accident, was horribly injured and saved by Dr. Jōtarō Honma. Later, Hazama becomes a talented surgeon known as Black Jack. The anime TV series first season release date is the 1st of October 2015. Young Black Jack season 2 release date is unknown yet.
The direction of the series was carried out by Mitsuko Kase. The airing was carried out by TBS, CBC, Sun TV, and BS-TBS channel. Sentai Filmworks licensed the series in North America. Crunchyroll streams it at present.  The voice cast is only Japanese.
Young Black Jack Season 2


The first episode of the anime starts with a tragic accident. A train collides with a bus and there’s a number of injured people in need of urgent medical help. Here the viewers get introduced to a person known as Black Jack – a young and talented medical student. Once he managed to reattach a young kid’s arm and a leg back to the body. Will he be successful at his first surgery?
One day he experiences an unpredictable situation. He gets kidnapped by a gang of strangers for no reason. However, later it turns out that they need the urgent help of a surgeon in order to save a rich old man suffering from a horrible health condition. He needs a heart transplant and the main character is the only one who can do that. Black Jack gets a deal – he will be free of all of his debts if he saves the man’s life. The tricky thing is that the action takes place in the 60s and that’s the first heart transplant ever done in Japan. What future lies in front of the main hero?
Young Black Jack Season 2

2nd Season Air Date

The producers keep silent about the future of the show on both Japanese and English networks. When more information about Young Black Jack Season 2 release date is available, you will be notified. Keep tuned to the news if you’re a true fan unwilling to miss another new episode of this exciting anime series.


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