Yona of the Dawn Season 2

A fantasy story that captured the fans of romantic anime is now up in the air. The producers continue the tight-lipped policy and keep the future of the beautiful series in secret. Even though the fans hope the story will continue.

Brief outline

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The famous Pierrot Studio made a captivating story from the famous author Mizuho Kusanagi into a serial in 2014. The first season broadcast finished back in March 2015. However, the developers take their time to announce the release of the series’s continuation.
The broadcast of the series in North America took place in March 2015. However, the airing started from the thirteenth part, skipping half of the series of 24 episodes. The reason for such a fractured broadcasting remains, however, unknown. The channel’s producers assure the first part of the season will be on air sometime later.
Supposedly, the second season is going to repeat the success of the first part. However, there is no information yet on its release date.

A romantic fairytale or the princess in exile

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A lovely Princess Yona enjoys her careless life. Her royal father rules a beautiful kingdom. She leads the perfect life about which most people can only dream. However, one day, she and her family run into danger. Her cousin Soo-won betrays his king and kills him for the throne. Yona manages to escape miraculously. Her faithful bodyguard Son Hak saves her life and helps to leave the country. He follows her in her travels.
Son Hak decides to move to his relatives, to a castle of Hak’s birthplace, the Village of Wind, since they can find refuge there. Hak’s grandfather Sun Mundok makes a suggestion to find a druid whose name is Ik-su. The oracle tells the story of the first king and the four dragons that have created the kingdom. Inspired by this legend, Son Hak and Yona with the collaboration of Yun, Ik-su’s right hand, make up their mind to begin an adventure. Their goal is to find the reincarnated dragons, the beautiful and courageous warriors who will help them to save the kingdom from the tyranny of Soo-won.
Particular attention in the series is given to the deep-seated feelings in Yona’s soul. She has lost everything and now she should find the resolve to return the kingdom under the rule of a true monarch. That is quite a difficult task for a tender girl. Without help, she won’t succeed.
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When is the renewal of the series scheduled?

As it was expected, the second season should have been launched as far back as in July 2015. Much to the viewers’ regret, the premiere did not start at all. There were not even any announcements about Yona at the Dawn season 2 release date, not to speak of other things the developers could present to the fans of the series. The viewers all around the world hope that the makers will stop to beat around the bush shortly and make the situation clear. It is likely the season will come out in 2016 instead.

Update: Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Status Update

People are still expecting the second season to come out. In fact, some of you have been asking us that. Well, to put it shortly, the season has already been out for quite a time. As we predicted, it came out last year.
What’s interesting is that not many people had been interested in a continuation before the New Year’s Day, as we’ve got a sudden influx of related queries only recently.

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