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Vixen is an animated series of American production. It was premiered on 25 of Aug. 2015. The plot of the series is based on Vixen, a character from comics. The show is about a superhero who fighter criminals. The main character is able to use the abilities of animals. The second season of the show was released in 2016. The last season has six episodes. All episodes of the first seasons are directed by J. Tucker. Currently, the show has thirteen episodes.

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The part of Vixen (Mari McCabe) is executed by Megalyn Echikunwoke, an American actress who is also known for the parts in CSI, the Arrowverse, and The 4400. A young Mari is voiced by Brooks, Kimberly.

Guests and recurring of the first season:

  • Neil Flynn plays the part of Mari’s foster father named Chuck,
  • Kari Wuhrer plays the part of Mari’s foster mother named Patty,
  • Sean P. Thomas plays the part of professor named Macalester,
  • Anika Noni Rose plays the part of the older sister of Mari named Kuasa,
  • Carlos Valdes plays the part of the mechanical engineer named Cisco Ramon,
  • Grant Gustin plays the part of superhero named Barry Allen,
  • Stephen Amell plays the part of vigilante named Oliver Queen,
  • Emily B. Rickards as the Queen’s friend named Felicity Smoak.

Vixen Season 2

Fred Tatasciore and Kevin M. Richardson have provided additional voices for the season.

The second seasons of the show is added by the following actors:

  • Katie Cassidy plays a part of a member Queen’s team named Laurel Lance,
  • Brandon Routh plays the part of a scientist and businessman named Ray Palmer,
  • Franz Drameh plays a former athlete named Jefferson Jackson,
  • Victor Garber plays the part of a nuclear physicist named Martin Stein,

Vixen Season 2


The main character was born in the area near the Zambezi, in a village. She then moved to the USA, where he was raised. Mari has lost his parent at a young age due to them being killed by criminals. She inherits Tantu Totem, and her professor from a college helps her to figure out that the necklace might have hidden superpowers.  It appears that it is able to give the girl the powers of animals. She decides to fight criminals in the USA because she herself has experienced the tragic loss. For fighting “bad guys,” she uses her power of animals. She acts under the name Vixen.


This TV series has obtained a score 7.3 out of 10 from Jesse Schedeen. It was well welcomed for good action sequences and the great animation.

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