Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date

Trinity Seven Season 2 Release Date


Trinity Seven season 2 is a popular TV series that is quite popular among the fans of colorful Japanese anime. There are lots of fans all over the world who adore this anime and wait for Trinity Seven season 2 premiere.

Trinity Seven season 2 release date is not yet known since official the show hasn’t been renewed. Let’s wait for the official update and some details from the creators.


In Trinity Seven season 2 episode 1 is a terrific corporeal shape, imagination, moral fortitude and, of course, determination! Arata Kasuga learns which unrecognized magical powers grossly interfered in his life, stealing his beloved cousin Hijiri not become hysterical rolling on the floor, wiping the tears & he was determined to master the magic  & settle with offenders. The boy, beyond hesitation, accepted the proposal of mysterious beauty of Lilith & enrolled in the Academy of Magic, where he liked it – which is why the director just said which to achieve the goal Arata must make a harem of seven most effectual witches!

Harem is a critical matter, so the fact that the protagonist of initial thing learned which all his future girls – local celebrities which make up the so-called Trinity Seven & each draws strength in one of seven deadly sins. Nothing Arata himself a dark wizard, so steep  & sharp, which it’s applied for the future, the prince of darkness The relationship began uneasy – if Lilith, Arin & Levi all for a new friend, the Peace & Akio consider it a threat to stability, but get  yet to reach Yu & Lisa. Nothing to assemble a team & to punish the puppeteers behind the scenes – it’s half the battle, the main thing – to survive as a deal between friends begin!

Interesting Facts

  • The first season of Trinity Seven was aired on 08.10.2014;
  • Hiroshi Nisikiori is the main director of Trinity Seven season 2;
  • Kenji Saito will also return as Trinity Seven season 2 premiere.

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Trinity Seven [ Trailer ]

Trinity Seven: 7-Nin no Mahoutsukai ~Amv-Trailer~

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