Trinity Seven Season 2

The release of the Trinity Seven series marked the end of 2014. Right from the first episodes, it became apparent that this anime movie would never go up in smoke.

Why did this new series have such a great success?

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According to the viewers’ opinions, Trinity Seven became so popular because of its captivating plot that enthralled the attention of the anime fans. So what does the romantic fantasy manga by Kenji Saito with illustrations by Akinari Nao narrate about?
The series is a classic harem comedy with a whimsy plot. The main character is a student of the Japanese school, Arata. His best friend is his cousin Hijiri. Since her parents went to a better world, Arata’s parents volunteered to take care of the orphan. Thus, Hijiri comes to live in their friendly family.

Plot Summary

After finding out that unknown magic powers kidnaped Hijiri, Arata becomes grim and determinant. He would get even with those evil spirits who stole his cousin from him.
The young boy accepts the proposition of the mysterious beauty Lilith Asami and enters the academy of magic. But there is an exceptional condition to follow to study at the academy. Arata must keep an entire harem of seven most powerful and beautiful magicians. Show me a guy who would refuse following this wonderful rule. So Arata is not an exception.
Arata finds out that all his team includes local stars who are part of the so-called Trinity Seven. Each of those famous magicians derives strength from one of the seven deadly sins.
His relationships with the harem girls become not quite as simple as expected. Some ladies, particularly Mira Yamana and Akio Fudou, consider him an immediate threat to the stability of their world. However, the hero will complete his task to earn the ladies’ trust in him.
During studying, it becomes apparent that Arata could grow into a future prince of darkness, as he possesses the ability to nullify the magic of other wizards and copy it.
The most exciting events unfold when the girls decide to sort the relationship out. But it is not the only test Arata must go through. It turns out that the planet itself is having a bad time. The reason for that is a gravitational explosion. So, the main hero has lots of problems to solve.

When can the viewers expect the second season to begin?

Since the first part of the series broke into the world TV with tremendous gains, we can expect the second part to come out. At least, there is hope for its early appearance. Supposedly, the second part will include 12 episodes (each of them to last 25 minutes), as with the first season. The broadcasting channel is expected to be also the same (TV Tokyo). The production studio is still Seven Arcs. The information about Trinity Seven season 2 release date is still to be announced by the developers.

Update: Trinity Seven Season 2 Status

It would a great pleasure for us to announce the release date for the second season of this show. Unfortunately, we cannot do that due to the lack of such. Indeed, despite how much time have passed since the last episode of the first season, season 2 is yet to come out.
On the other hand, the project has not been officially canceled so there’s some hope yet. Make sure to subscribe and we will inform you about any changes with the situation.

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