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The fans of anime series all over the world are hopeful about the possible release of Tokyo Ghoul season 3. There are also some doubts whether the third part will appear at all. Let’s make the situation clearer.

Brief outline

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Tokyo Ghoul is a fantasy novel written by Japanese manga artist Sui Ishida. The manga has been published in a famous magazine for about four years. On July 4, 2014, the world saw the anime adaption of the manga. The first season and the following second chapter were quite successful. No doubt that the fans of such a well-worked anime movie are looking forward the next third season.

What about the main storyline?

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The central character is the student of a Tokyo university. His name is Ken Kaneki. But his life takes a sudden turn after he meets and falls in love with Rize Kamishiro, a ghoul. They become the soul mates for each other, and they both love reading and spending time together.
However, one day an accident parts the two loving hearts. Rize dies, and Ken lives. To save his life, the surgeons had to transplant some of Rize’s organs to Ken. But this comes to be a pivotal event in the life of the protagonist. After the surgery, he becomes a half-ghoul. To stay alive, he must consume human flesh, as other ghouls.
The character, however, tries to save that part of him that remains human. He struggles with all his might against his newfound desire to kill people.
The police begin to chase the ghouls. Ken and his new friends, a group of peaceful ghouls who do not eat people, have to tread warily to avoid them. Whether he manages to cope with his new nature, the viewers will find out in the third season.

Third season launch date

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The recent second season of the Tokyo Ghoul series debuted in 2015 on Tokyo MX as well on other countries’ channels. It consisted of the entire full 12 episodes. The production company is still the Studio Pierrot. In the fall of 2015, the prequel of Tokyo Ghoul came out. It was a story about the events that had taken place well before the adventures in Tokyo Ghoul. The prequel was quite successful. Which suggests that the third season could be launched. At least that would make sense.
According to the official announcement, the series will continue. However, the exact Tokyo Ghoul season 3 release date remains still unknown. The makers said only that it would appear allegedly in the fall of 2016.
One other question can also disturb the peace of mind of the series’s admirers. The thing is that the current manga volume “Tokyo Ghoul: re”, which is going to be the base for the third season, only includes 43 parts. Supposedly, it will not suffice for creating a full season, as it was with the second season of the series. However, there is nothing to do but wait for the announcement of the release date and other preliminary information.

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