The Simpsons Season 29

The Simpsons is an animated TV series created and released in the USA. The creator of the show and the owner of the original idea is Matt Groening. The series was ordered by Fox Broadcasting Company and the release was carried out by Fox channel with the first season release date on the 17th of December 1989. The series follows the life of a typical working-class American family, presenting it in a satirical way. The Simpson family is not big – it’s made up of Homer (the father), Marge (the mother), Bart (the eldest child), Lisa (the middle child), and Maggie (the unplanned youngest child). The action revolves in Springfield – a fictional town concentrating stereotypes and parodies in American culture, media, society and religion. The Simpsons season 29 release date is unknown yet, but the show seems to be on for several years more, so the fans shouldn’t worry.


The action of almost every new episode of the show revolves in a typical American provincial town known as Springfield. The place is totally fictional and it’s impossible to determine in which of the American states it is situated. The creators of the show made it intentionally. Geography of Springfield includes mountains, coastlines, farmlands, and deserts – everything that the plot of the story requires. Groening describes Springfield as a town reminding you of Portland, Oregon – that’s his mother town. The name of the town is typical for the USA and Springfield can be found in 22 states in the country. Groening says it’s a cool concept of the show – everyone watching the show will feel like it’s their Springfield.
The Simpsons Season 29 date release


Homer, the father of the family works at a nuclear plant of Springfield as a safety inspector. His position is quite odd for him because he’s a careless, clueless and buffoonish person. Marge Simpson is his wife. She’s a fully stereotypical housewife and mom. Their kids are:

  • Bart Simpson – he’s ten years old and a master of making troubles not only for himself and his family, but it often affects lives of his schoolmates and locals.
  • Lisa Simpson – she’s eight years old and extremely clever and talented.
  • Maggie – the smallest child in the family. She almost never speaks but it doesn’t stop her from communicating with people around.

The Simpsons Season 29

The family often looks dysfunctional; however, their relationships and family bonds are clearly seen. However, when certain things happen, it’s evident that they care about each other. The family has got pets – a dog and a cat.

The supporting cast is huge because the series includes a ton of characters. They are co-workers, doctors, family relatives, teachers, neighbors, priests and even celebrities (both local and known all over the world). Some of the characters were created in order to participate in single jokes and scenes, some of them developed their personal stories.
The Simpsons Season 29

29th Season Air Date

In May of 2015, the show was prolonged for seasons 27 and 28. In November of 2016, the show was prolonged for two seasons more. Season 29 is planned to be released in 2017–2018 and season 30 will be released in 2018–19. Each of the seasons will consist of 22 episodes.

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