The Seven Deadly Sins Release Date

The Seven Deadly Sins Release Date


The A-1 Pictures studio created the anime series that make its fans follow the development of the plot with excitement, though the graphics is not very expressive. The expected release date of season 2 is 2016. The more detailed information is still out of admission. The season 1 consists of 24 series. The viewers say it was a real masterpiece.


The author and the main illustrator of the series of manga called “The seven deadly sins” was Nakaba Suzuki. In 2014 the director of the anime Aokamura Tensai created the cartoons on its base.


The knights known as the Seven Deadly Sins were accused of assaulting the kingdom Lioness and killing many people. The brave Holy Knights fought them and drove off the kingdom. Ten years passed and strange things happened again. 
The political upheaval was organized and the royal family was detained in custody. Only princess Elizabeth managed to escape. She realized that the Holy knights were really tyrannical and decided to find the Seven Deadly Sins as only they could help her and her family. She came to the bar and met there Meliodas. He was the Deadly Sins main knight. 
The adventures of Elizabeth began and she had to answer many questions. How did it happen she was a princess as she wasn`t the King`s daughter? Who was the white goddess? Are the knights demons?


The Seven Deadly Sins in Japanese sounds like “Nanatsu no Taizai”. The main idea was borrowed from Celtic folklore and the legends of the King Arthur. Seven deadly sins are depicted in a story as demons who have positive features of characters.
Meliodas is the sin of wrath. Being angry can do harm to people, so he tries to hold his temper. 
Diana is the sin of envy. She is a giant who avoids contacting people and lives in the forest. 
Bun is the sin of greed. He is a negative hero, cruel and feeling no sympathy. He was living in the magic wood with his beloved Elane, but something happened there and she died. Bun is immortal and his only wish is to bring Elane to life.
King is the sin of sloth. Has an appearance of a child and in love with Diana.
Gauser is the sin of lust. Can influence people mentally and make them remember or feel anything.
Merlin is the sin of gluttony. She is able to make illusions. 
Eskanor the sin of pride. Depicted as a human being who depends on the Sun.

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