The Rolling Girls Season 2

That’s one of the new Japanese anime projects released in 2015. The production was realized through Wit Studio. The anime is based on the original manga series release in October 2014. The director of the anime is Kotomi Deai. The author of the script is Yasuyuki Muto. Theme music and soundtracks are composed by Masaru Yokoyama. The first episode of The Rolling Girls was released on the 10th of January 2015 and the last one on the 28th of March the same year. There are 12 episodes in total.

Plot Details

The action of the series takes place after Great Tokyo War. Ten years passed after it leaving Japan almost completely ruined. Most part of political figures simply disappeared. In that strained political situation followed by an enormous financial crisis, the country was split into ten regions – ten prefectures. In the course of time, each prefecture received its independence and they started competing with each other.  The former participants of Great Tokyo War were recruited and separated into groups of Best (mosa) and Rest (mob). Best ones represent their prefectures and Rest support them. This way the Japanese manage to maintain peace in the country.
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The main characters of the series are travelling across the country looking for unique jewels – they are heart shaped moonlight stones. Wearing this will provide you with incredible powers of those who had used them in the battles before. The stones are carries by the people from Best.

Main Characters and Voice Cast

  • Nozomi Moritomo, voiced by Ari Ozawa in the Japanese version and by Felecia Angelle in the English dub version. The only child of Morimoto family owning the Moritomo Restaurant. She’s the protagonist recruited for Hiroshi Town Propellers. Masami is her friend from the childhood. Both of them want to get stronger supporting and loving each other like real sisters.
  • Yukina Kosaka, voiced by Rina Hidaka in the original version and by Monica Rial in the English dub version. Yukina and Nozomi are from the same town. She’s shy, polite and very reserved.
  • Ai Hibiki, voiced by Risa Taneda in the original Japanes version and by J?d Saxton in the English one. She’s quite strong mentally and physically. She’s not afraid to act on her own when it’s necessary. Able to use brutal force when things go seriously wrong. Decides to join Nozomi’s group.
  • Chiaya Misono, voiced by Yumiri Hanamori in the original anime version and by Leah Clark in the English one. She’s a small girl seeking for power of the heart-shaped stones. She was adopted and her identity and personality are quite vague. She turns out to be an alien coming from the future. In her reality, she’s an octopus like creature able to change its appearance and form.

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Release Date

The producers haven’t made an official announcement about the renewal of this anime series for the second season. So keep your fingers crossed and don’t forget to regularly check for the latest news!


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