The Deep Season 2

Young viewers as well as viewers of older generation can finally be happy again – there is information on the Internet that is scheduled to release a continuation of the beloved Australian-Canadian animated series The Deep, which in these two countries is broadcasted on different channels (Family Chrqd channel and 7TWO channel). Already famous story about a family of underwater, traveling to the depths of the ocean, is about to get a second life: The Deep season 2 is renewed — release date to be announced. Despite the schedule and the second season air date are still unknown, a decision to return the show with a new episode has recently been confirmed by the authors themselves, so the next season premiere is coming closer and closer and is likely to be aired very soon.

Creators Crew

When the first part of the project was first introduced to the public, it was December 1, 2015. That part of the series included 26 episodes, which is quite much. Each of them was running about 22 minutes.
The Deep Season 2 date release

The creators of the cartoon are two people: Tom Taylor, who is also one of the scriptwriters, and James Brouwer. Besides these people the authors of the story are the following people:

  • Daniel Hall;
  • Justine Juel Gillmer;
  • Philip Dalkin;
  • David Evans.

What is not less important is the developing of the series in mass media and official presenting of its season start. These tasks are carried out by the crew of the following executive producers:

  • Wolfgang Bylsma;
  • Niki Hamilton;
  • Robert Chandler;
  • Ken Faier;
  • Steven Wendland;
  • Chris Rose;
  • Chuck Johnson and others.

The Deep Season 2

As it has been mentioned, there are two official channels broadcasting the show and both responsible for its next season release date: Family Chrqd in Canada and 7TWO in Australia.

About the Series

At the heart of this animated series is the story of the Nekton family. All its members are brave explorers of depths living on board of submarines and without the slightest fear studying the depth of the world ocean. They are faced with a lot of secrets and mysteries, but, as everyone knows, the cartoon almost always has a happy end, and so this brave family successfully copes with all the difficulties and dangers.
The Deep Season 2

The cast of the cartoon voicing its characters is as follows:

  • Vincent Tong;
  • Kathleen Barr;
  • Brian Drummond;
  • Ashleigh Ball;
  • Michael Dobson.

Soon Continuation and Series Rating

New season two will definitely air soon, as the authors have announced about soon renewal, so season one is not the last. When season premiere date is known, this will certainly be mentioned on the Internet. One shouldn’t doubt the series popularity: on IMDB its rating is of 8.1/10, and this result is a real creators’ achievement. Stay tuned to be aware of the terms of all the possible future air dates and know the peculiarities of the show plot and cast.

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