Terra Formars Season 3

This year’s spring portion of anime becomes available. LIDEN FILMS joined by TYO Animations has presented another anime adaptation of Terra Formars at the beginning of this April. As the project is on air now, one should not expect that the announcement of a renewal could appear before the final episode.

Anime Info

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We’d like to present a sketch of this relatively young project consisting of only two seasons. It is a joint venture of such film production companies as TYO Animations and LIDEN FILMS. The former joined the production process only from the second chapter.
The premiere of the first episodes was the year before, and now we are dealing with the second debut this April.
The series is notable thanks to its perfect graphics, which is natural as TYO Animations works on this project. The colors of the second chapter are brighter and richer. The strikes the characters exchange are peculiar because of a lesser amount of wounds.

Regarding the storyline

The anime series revolves around a human space crew. The expedition to Mars, Terraformars, face a severe internal conflict and a split within the team. The situation becomes more intense in the second installment.
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Landing on Mars’s surface, people find out that the structure of the terraformer system is much more complicated than they originally believed.
The human race realizes that if the events are going to unfold the same way as they have, we will be at risk from Mars dwellers in several centuries. If only because they will become stronger than humans living on Earth.
So the space crew is pursuing to prevent this invasion from taking place in the future. And so they start exploring the mystery of the Martian pyramid.

About the narrative details

Viewer praised this scientifically oriented anime series with a unique and compelling story right from the start. The suspense and drama that are the integral parts of this story make them sit on the edges of their seats.
The death of the first expedition crew was a surprise for all of us. And now, the second one is struggling to survive and save humanity from a ruthless attack.

Can we expect the third round?

The serial is very catchy. According to casual viewers and critics, the series can reappear on our screens soon. So far, we are unaware of the Terra Formars season 3 release date as well as of the very possibility of a revival. And there is nothing strange about it, as the second season is still on air. If the series were to be revived, we would likely to enjoy new episodes in winter 2018. But these are only assumptions. We should wait for the appearance of an official confirmation.

Update: Terra Formars Season 3 Status Update

You’ve read the title. Now, let us make a little clarification. The best way to describe this update would be to call it a stand-by update. How come? Well, surprisingly, almost nothing changed by now. There is no official news about a possible release date and there have been no new rumors even. Our estimated release date remains unchanged. Most people still expect the third season to arrive in early.
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