Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Season 2

Another anime series from Silver Link has premiered this year if to be more concrete in April 2016 together with the animated project called “Unhappy”. These two company products are yet to be revived for their second installments. Stay tuned with our service as here you can be notified about any changes in the current status of these anime series.

Anime review

The series we are going to discuss today is another April project released this year. As Unhappy, this one anime series was produced also by SILVER LINK studio.
Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge Season 2 Poster
It is reckoned to be amazing that the producers made such an adaptation from an eponymous yonkoma in the form of a full-fledged serial, but not in the shape of the miniseries. However, has it contributed to the success of the story? What is going on with ratings? Let’s turn to this question a little bit later and now as for the plot specifically.

Plot summary

The series turns to unfold the subject of friendship. The main heroes are two best friends. They are the eternally sleepy Tanaki and the caring Oto.
Ot is adoring everything in his friend and do not pay attention to his listlessness. Their friendship turns to be always tested throughout the course of the story. Usually, these challenges come to be organized by the females, whose interest is piqued by the duo.

What is the feedback?

The series has been perceived as something that has great advantages, as well as great falls. As for advantages, we should name here the beautifully drawn. The graphics are thus light and pastel. As for the storyline, the state of things is not so much positive. In general, the story is worth watching it but according to some opinions, we can watch only for the first time. It is referred to the TV products that are boring in terms of rewatching them. Though there is an intrigue in the story, we cannot recommend following it to you, as there are other interesting projects worth your attention.
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What are the chances of renewal?

Taking into account the all above-mentioned, we should make a conclusion that unlike the April project under the title “Unhappy”, this one cannot be included it the list of flagships. Consequently, it is not so probable as in the case of the Unhappy project that it will be renewed for the second installment.
Nevertheless, before the series is not canceled, there exist a hope, at least a tiny one, that the resumption will be announced finally, as well as the Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge season 2 release date appears.
If you want to follow this project in the future, we will monitor the situation for you. So, you may not worry about this. Meanwhile, while we are keeping our fingers on the pulse, we recommend following other projects from Silver Link and also from other companies including the above-mentioned “Unhappy”.
Stay tuned with our service as here you can be notified about any changes in the current status of these anime series.


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