Sword Art Online Season 3

Viewers praise this anime series for conveying subtle psychological aspects, the sound, and its high-quality animation graphics. Although some of them had rather critical opinions, most viewers are eager to enjoy the next part. When will the new season start? Hopefully, it is going to happen very soon.

The plotline

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The world of tomorrow is coming. By 2022, technology has finally achieved its turning point. The gamers from all over the world are waiting eagerly for the launch of a new role-playing game under the title “Sword Art Online”. After the release, they rush to buy the disks with this game to submerge into a virtual reality. But everything seems to have a dangerous side to it.
The game’s developer, one Akihiko Kayaba, announces that all the players who have bought this game are now unwilling participants of his ferocious experiment. With the help of the Nerve Gear, the headgear that stimulates the five senses directly in the brain, the gamers can control their virtual characters by the power of their mind. However, no one can take the helmets off once the game starts, and death of a gamer in the virtual reality will end in their death in the real world since the Nerve Gear comes with a kill switch. In order to set themselves free, the players have to clear all the levels in the game.
The protagonist is an orphan whose name is Kirito. An avid admirer of video games, he decides to beta-test Sword Art Online on the release day and falls into a trap along with everyone else.
Kirito prefers to play solo and joins the guild whose goal is to pass the game only sometimes when it is really necessary. However, there is one exception, Asuna Yuuki. She is a foil fencer. Together, they are trying to finish the game end.

The second season events

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Everything is over. Kirito goes to the rehabilitation school for the ex-prisoners of the experimental game. He lives the usual life of a teenager and feels on top of the world. But his happiness cannot last. Seijirou Kikuoka, an old friend of Kirito’s, changes his life. Seijirou once did Kirito a good favor, and now he wants him to return it. Kirito has to deal with a number of murder investigations. He has to untangle the web of the events before he can get to the bottom. Kirito tries on the role of Captain Price from the famous game under the title “Call of Duty”. Thus, the second chapter comes to be even more exciting than the first one.

Historical preview of the series

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Sword Art Online is a series of light novels written by a famous Japanese author, Reki Kawahara. The novels came to be a great source of inspiration for the makers of CD Drama and games for different platforms. The first season was out in the second half of the 2012 year.
On December 31, 2013, an extra episode was on air, and it lasted more than an hour. This long episode introduced the events of the first season retroactively and contained some new video material. On July 5, 2014, the world premiere of the second season was set.
Now the world is looking forward the next third part. However, Sword Art Online’s third season release date has not been announced so far. Hopefully, the new episode of the series will be out soon enough.

Update: Sword Art Online Season 3 to Come Out?

Now, this is not official. There has been no confirmation, and you should not expect season three to appear in a few days or weeks. However, what’s really important is that it will definitely come out… Eventually. Sometime in the future.
Originally, we suspected that the season would come out in 2017. However, we couldn’t confirm that anywhere, that was merely a speculation. We were right to show that restraint. According to a Facebook rumor, the release date for the third season has been delayed. It might not be out until 2018.

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